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19.02.2015 21:10 Politics
Bloggers' Alliance of Kazakhstan believes that Kazakhstan does not need early election but needs a referendum to extend the term of office of the incumbent President.
20.06.2014 14:17 Internet
Google has taken down a blog that listed ways to harass Singapore's Filipino population, drawing praise from Internet users appalled by growing racial tensions in the city-state.
25.05.2014 17:41 Crime
A prominent Tunisian blogger who accused police of fabricating drugs charges against him walked free from court on Friday after a judge threw out the case.
23.03.2014 12:51 Internet
The organizers of the EXPO-2017 have presented a plan for the online marketing strategy of the upcoming exhibition in Astana.
07.10.2013 17:11 Internet
Despite their country boasting the world's greatest oil wealth, many Saudis complain their salaries are not enough to make ends meet, and are taking to Twitter to demand more money.
25.06.2013 11:01 People
As thousands of Italians leave the country to look for work elsewhere, one young journalist's blog claims to offer "a megaphone for this generation," a voice to all those who profess to be ready to return "if...".
06.06.2013 12:28 Internet
Over 130 Singaporean bloggers blacked out their homepages Thursday to protest new licencing rules for news websites they say will muzzle freedom of expression.
21.05.2013 11:32 Internet
Marissa Mayer has made her boldest move to date as chief of Yahoo! with the billion-dollar purchase of Tumblr, a popular blogging platform she vowed not to ruin after protests from youthful users.
20.03.2013 15:38 Laws, Initiatives
The British government has insisted that bloggers and posts on social media would not be caught by a new system of press regulation, but campaigners warned the new rules could be open to interpretation.
16.03.2013 19:30 Finance
Bloggers who oppose Russian President Vladimir Putin are targeting top lawmakers loyal to the Kremlin with scandalous revelations about their luxury lifestyles.
16.02.2013 13:23 Internet
Someone's famous last words are now likely to be famous last tweets.
13.12.2012 14:25 Laws, Initiatives
The man who led the inquiry into Britain's phone-hacking scandal has warned that bloggers and tweeters should be subject to the same laws as traditional media outlets to prevent a decline in standards of journalism.
30.11.2012 14:36 People
Bloggers, "crowdsourcing" and computer-generated articles are making contributions to the news media, but they cannot replace professional journalists in digging up important news.
12.10.2012 13:21 Internet
Chinese officials have launched a probe after microbloggers said they had uncovered another allegedly corrupt leader who owns millions of dollars worth of property.
26.09.2012 11:52 Crime
The US voiced concern Monday at the jailing of three Vietnamese bloggers for "anti-state propaganda" and urged that they be freed.
25.09.2012 15:54 Crime
A court in southern Vietnam jailed three bloggers Monday for "anti-state propaganda" at a brief but dramatic hearing, prompting calls from the United States and EU for their immediate release.
07.08.2012 13:04 Strange News
Almaty bloggers have organized a flash mob in Almaty subway to present alternative creative concepts of the Almaty subway.
23.07.2012 10:32 Disasters
Beijing residents reacted angrily on Monday after the worst rains to hit the Chinese capital in more than 60 years left at least 37 people dead, with another seven still missing.
21.07.2012 13:44 People
Jessica Ghawi had escaped a mall shooting in Toronto weeks ago when an "odd feeling" led her outside, and then blogged about how fortunate she was.
29.11.2011 19:07 Internet made a rating of politicians who received the most amount of questions in their blogs at in November 2011.
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