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VIDEO: Bloggers explore Almaty subway 07 августа 2012, 13:04

Almaty bloggers have organized a flash mob in Almaty subway to present alternative creative concepts of the Almaty subway.
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Flash mob in Almaty subway. Flash mob in Almaty subway.
Almaty bloggers organized a flash mob in the subway Tengrinews.kz reports, citing Alexander Melentyev also known as Samson Bezmyatezhny, producer of the project. Flash mob organizers were up to present alternative creative concepts of Almaty subway. They gave new names to each subway’s station. Passengers could see and listen to singers performing classical arias at the Opera station. Interestingly that Kazakhstan Goths, representatives of the subculture, constitute the major part of the audience that were listening to this mini-concert. The Sports station was offering a women’s wrestling tournament. At the Wedding station several couples were dancing waltz at the platform. A mime dressed all in white guided the unusual excursion. It was Sergey Chervyakov, famous Kazakhstan actor who usually performs at Almaty Arbat (pedestrian part of Zhibek Zholy Street between Furmanov Street to Abylay Khan prospect). Melentyev said that there was a mystery hidden in the flash mob’s video. One can notice letters all in through the video. These letters make a word. According to the producer, the secret word is “beshbarmak”. Producers of the video hope that the project will promote Kazakhstan abroad. According to Melentyev, some Russian viewers believed that Almaty subway stations were indeed named the way they appeared in the video clip. Organizers invited professional musicians, dancers and athletes to take part in this flash mob. Alina Pyazok, director of the video, is known for her previous work as part of Russian project SpasiboEva. About 150 participants took part in this flash mob. Melentyev is going to shoot a video clip with Kazakhstan athletes about their success in 2012 London Olympic Games as his next project. The details of the project are still kept in secret; however, it is already known that it will be arranged as a flash mob again. The shooting will kick off straight after the Olympics final results will become known.

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