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Elusive Aussie Bitcoin founder a reluctant identity Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright, who has revealed himself as the creator of the virtual Bitcoin currency, is an elusive individual.
03 мая 2016
©REUTERS Kazakhstan’s financial institutions banned from using Bitcoin There is a tough national legislation to counteract money laundering and banks are not allowed to service transactions involving unidentified parties: Central Bank representative.
15 октября 2014
Japan says Bitcoin not a currency, but taxable Bitcoin is not a currency but transactions involving it should be "subject to taxation", Japan's government said Friday, in a move that could pave the way for formal regulations on the troubled virtual unit.
08 марта 2014
A man widely believed to be Bitcoin currency founder Satoshi Nakamoto. ©Reuters/David McNew Man identified as Bitcoin creator denies involvement A man named as being the enigmatic creator of Bitcoin on Thursday denied having a role in the virtual unit, telling reporters he was "not involved."
07 марта 2014
Warren Buffett. ©Reuters/Rebecca Cook Buffett says bitcoin 'not a currency' The Oracle of Omaha is not a believer in bitcoin.
04 марта 2014
MtGox opens call centre after $500m Bitcoin loss The MtGox Bitcoin exchange, which last week sought bankruptcy protection in Japan, opened a helpline for anxious customers on Monday after unveiling a massive loss in a possible theft.
03 марта 2014
©Reuters/Pawel Kopczynski Vietnam restricts use of Bitcoin Vietnam has banned its banks from handling Bitcoins, saying the virtual currency is not legal tender in the communist nation.
28 февраля 2014
Bitcoin users to gather in Tokyo amid MtGox woes Bitcoin users in Tokyo will gather on Thursday for a meeting set to be dominated by the shuttering of the MtGox exchange amid claims of a multi-million dollar theft.
27 февраля 2014
Japan probing bitcoin exchange after huge reported theft Japanese authorities were Wednesday probing the troubled MtGox bitcoin exchange after claims of a multi-million dollar theft from its digital vaults.
26 февраля 2014
©Reuters/Pawel Kopczynski Cyber thieves blamed for Bitcoin heist: researchers A gang of cyber criminals using an army of infected computers made off with at least $220,000 worth of Bitcoins and other virtual currencies.
25 февраля 2014
©Reuters Bitcoin is no way to avoid losses amid devaluation in Kazakhstan Bitcoin is not a good way to save money for Kazakhstanis frantically trying to hedge themselves amid the 20% tenge devaluation.
21 февраля 2014
Brothers Cameron (L) and Tyler Winklevoss. ©Reuters/Lucas Jackson Winkdex: Winklevosses make their own Bitcoin index Early Bitcoin investors Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss have created their own index of the virtual currency, as they gear up to launch the first publicly traded US Bitcoin fund.
20 февраля 2014
©REUTERS Kazakhstan’s Central Bank Governor on Bitcoin Kazakhstan’s Finance Ministry views Bitcoin as a threat to the country’s banks.
04 февраля 2014
Bitcoin Foundation Vice Chairman Charlie Shrem exits the Manhattan Federal Courthouse in New York January 27, 2014. ©Reuters/Lucas Jackson Bitcoin dealers charged in US with money laundering US authorities Monday filed criminal charges against two operators of a Bitcoin exchange, including the head of a company with high-profile investment backers.
28 января 2014
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