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28.01.2016 16:27 Emergencies
An air ambulance helicopter carrying a baby girl with suspected leukaemia to hospital has crashed in Kazakhstan, killing all five on board.
18.06.2015 10:01 People
Sweden's newest royal, born earlier this week to Princess Madeleine and sixth in line to the throne, will be named Prince Nicolas Paul Gustaf.
07.06.2015 13:42 Entertainment, Style
The first photos of Britain's Princess Charlotte together with Prince George, who is pictured giving his baby sister a kiss.
05.05.2015 10:13 Entertainment, Style
Prince William and his wife Kate's new baby daughter, named as Princess Charlotte, was born fourth in line to inherit the British throne.
04.05.2015 12:52 Entertainment, Style
Royal watchers around the world waited to discover the name of the two-day-old British princess born to Prince William and his wife Kate.
24.04.2015 17:55 People
Punters are placing all manner of wacky bets on Britain's royal baby, chancing their cash on everything.
14.03.2015 10:57 Politics
A spokesman for Vladimir Putin denied rumours swirling in the European media that a baby had been born to the Russian leader.
30.09.2014 23:14 Health
A 7-week-old baby boy named Lachlan diagnosed with hearing loss at birth has heard his parents’ voice for the first time using hearing aids.
05.09.2014 13:01 People
US actress Scarlett Johansson has given birth to a baby girl with her French fiance Romain Dauriac.
19.07.2014 11:40 Crime
A Spanish couple was arrested trying to leave Colombia with a five-week-old girl they allegedly bought from her parents, Colombian authorities said.
14.06.2014 10:05 Crime
An "utterly evil" Australian man who killed a 10-month-old boy by bludgeoning him with a homemade baton during a burglary was Friday jailed for life.
07.06.2014 00:52 Crime
Irish officials will investigate if the mass grave for almost 800 babies discovered near a home for unmarried mothers run by nuns is an isolated case, Prime Minister Enda Kenny said Thursday.
05.06.2014 13:56 Health
A likely contamination of liquid food was on Wednesday blamed for the death in Britain of one baby and the poisoning of 14 more, regulators said.
21.05.2014 11:16 Health
The lives of three million women and babies can be saved every year by 2025 for an annual investment of about a dollar per head in better maternity care, researchers said.
18.05.2014 21:03 People
The population of Zhanaozen town in western Kazakhstan has exceeded the development plan.
15.04.2014 13:36 Crime
South Korean police said Tuesday they had arrested a man for allegedly allowing his infant son to starve to death while spending days playing online games at Internet cafes.
14.04.2014 11:19 Crime
Utah police responded to a tip that led to a grim discovery over the weekend, with seven dead infants found at their mother's home.
10.04.2014 02:05 People
Britain's baby Prince George hosted his first official function on Wednesday -- maintaining a regal calm on a play date with a group of New Zealand toddlers, even as some of his tiny guests burst into tears
09.04.2014 13:02 Health
At Bogota's San Ignacio hospital, Cesar Algeciras often spends five hours straight in the neonatal intensive care unit, lovingly clutching his premature son to his bare chest.
31.03.2014 12:53 People
Quadruplets have been born in South Kazakhstan Oblast for the first time in a decade.
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