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©Reuters/NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team Is the 'Christmas Comet' cracking up? An incoming comet that skygazers had hoped would provide one of the greatest celestial shows of the century, could be a fizzle.
18 октября 2013
Space 'graveyard' reveals bits of an Earth-like planet Astronomers have autopsied a distant, broken apart planet and revealed signs of water and a rocky surface together for the first time, delighting scientists on the hunt for alien life.
12 октября 2013
NASA Administrator Charles Bolden. ©Reuters/Robert Galbraith NASA vows to review ban on Chinese astronomers The US space agency Thursday vowed to reconsider the applications of Chinese scientists who were denied access to a NASA conference on security grounds.
11 октября 2013
Planet found floating without star in space Astronomers said Wednesday they have found a lonely planet outside the solar system floating alone in space and not orbiting a star.
10 октября 2013
©REUTERS Kazakhstan astronomers to help build unique telescope Kazakhstan astronomers will take part in the Ultraviolet international project of the World Space Observatory.
08 октября 2013
©REUTERS Perseid meteor shower peaks over Kazakhstan Kazakhstan residents can witness the peak of the Perseid meteor shower at night on August 11 and 12.
12 августа 2013
Perseid meteoroids to produce great balls of fire Stargazers will be treated to a spectacular fireball show early next week when Earth hits a belt of comet debris known as the Perseids.
09 августа 2013
©REUTERS/NASA/JPL-Caltech/JHU Australia switches on telescope to explore universe origins Australia took a major step towards the ambitious Square Kilometre Array (SKA) astronomy project with the switching on Tuesday of a test telescope to explore the origins of the universe.
10 июля 2013
New technique finetunes quest for life on other worlds European astronomers said on Friday they had devised a technique to detect water in the atmosphere of planets orbiting other stars.
05 июля 2013
Chile observatory discovers 'comet factory' A "dust trap" surrounding a young star could help explain how planets are formed.
07 июня 2013
World's largest ground-based space array to open in Chile In a super-arid desert at an altitude of 5,000 meters, with almost no humidity or vegetation, the world's largest ground-based astronomy project opens for business Wednesday ready to probe the universe with unprecedented might.
13 марта 2013
Scientists spot birth of giant planet Astronomers using a powerful telescope in southern Chile have captured the first direct image of a protoplanet forming around another star, still embedded in thick gas and dust.
01 марта 2013
Earth-like planets may be closer than thought: study Scientists looking for habitable planets may not have to stray far from our galactic neighborhood, which calculated an Earth-size planet could be orbiting a red dwarf as near as 13 light years away.
08 февраля 2013
©REUTERS Scientists record most powerful quasar blast ever US astronomers have detected the most powerful blast from a quasar ever recorded, offering the first proof of important theories about why the universe is shaped the way it is.
30 ноября 2012
Photo courtesy of Planet with four suns discovered An international team of amateur and professional astronomers on Monday announced the discovery of a planet whose skies are lit up by four suns -- the first reported case of such a phenomenon.
16 октября 2012
Telescope. Photo courtesy of Giant Chile telescope spots unique spiral structure Astronomers using a powerful Chile-based telescope on Wednesday released a rare image of a spiral shell of cosmic dust and gas surrounding a red giant star.
12 октября 2012
©REUTERS Two 'hot Jupiters' found in star cluster: NASA US scientists have for the first time found proof that planets can form and survive around sun-like stars within dense star clusters, NASA said Friday.
15 сентября 2012
High precision astronomical unit. ©RIA NOVOSTI Kazakhstan enters International Astronomical Union Kazakhstan has entered the International Astronomical Union, National Center for Space Research and Technologies says.
27 августа 2012
World's largest 'Cherenkov' telecope launched in Namibia The huge "Cherenkov" telescope, the size of two lawn tennis courts and the biggest of its kind, has started to capture cosmic rays from its base in Namibia.
29 июля 2012
Astronomers spot first evidence of dark galaxies Astronomers in Chile using a powerful telescope have observed what appears to be evidence of the existence of dark galaxies, the European Southern Observatory (ESO) announced Wednesday.
13 июля 2012

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