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© National Geographic Christ's tomb Exposed for First Time in Centuries Restorers working in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Israel uncover stone slab venerated as the resting place of Jesus Christ.
16 ноября 2016
Elasmotherium sibiricum. Photo courtesy of Humans, 'unicorns' may have walked Earth at same time A long-extinct animal known as the Siberian unicorn -- actually a long-horned rhinoceros -- may have walked the Earth 29,000 years ago.
30 марта 2016
Caveman's best friends? Preserved Ice Age puppies awe scientists hunters searching for mammoth tusks discovered an Ice Age puppy's snout peeking out from the permafrost.
28 марта 2016
New 'Drowned Apostles' at popular Australia tourist site Researchers found five more columns under the sea to add up to the limestone stacks off the south coast of Australia known as the Twelve Apostles.
10 марта 2016
© Headless human remains discovered in ancient Hun burials in Kazakhstan Archaeologists in Kazakhstan are puzzled over headless remains found in ancient burials of Hun and Sarmat warriors.
27 августа 2015
Photo © Oleg Paramonov Khan Qoryk Festival to open in Ulytau in celebration of 550 anniversary of Kazakh Khaganate First youth festival Khan Qoryk dedicated to the 550th anniversary of Kazakh Khaganate opens in Kazakhstan.
17 августа 2015
©Vladimir Prokopenko Age of Saka Princess discovered in 2013 determined The age of the Saka Princess discovered in a tomb in Kazakhstan in 2013 has been finally determined.
05 августа 2015
Photo courtesy of Almaty Department of Culture Ancient golden artefacts found in Almaty Excavations in a burial mound in Almaty have found three unique artefacts dating two millennia back.
15 января 2015
Excavations at the ancient city of Talkhir. © Mikhailov Almaty one thousand years ago Famous Kazakh historian Karl Baipakov speaks about the origins of Almaty in Medieval Ages.
10 декабря 2014
Photo © Well preserved mammoth tusks discovered near Karaganda Workers of a mining company have discovered mammoth tusks in Karaganda Oblast.
10 декабря 2014
©<a href="" target="_blank"></a> Giants inhabited pre-historic Kazakhstan? A former resident of Karaganda Viacheslav Plokhov claims he found footprints of pre-historic giants in Kazakhstan. The news some might call
22 ноября 2014
Photo courtesy of Ancient Saka burial accidentally discovered in Kazakhstan Construction workers accidently stumbled upon an ancient burial near a village in East Kazakhstan Oblast.
29 октября 2014
©Dinara Urazova Golden Princess found 2 years ago finally shown to public The most significant archaeological find in Kazakhstan has finally been presented to the anxiously waiting public.
10 сентября 2014
Two millstones and mortar fragment found in the settlement ©Akmola Media Ortalygy Ancient settlement found in Kazakhstan Archaeologists have discovered an ancient settlement on the bank of the Ishim River in Akmola oblast.
22 августа 2014
© Reconstruction shows how ancient Scythian 'Princess' discovered in Kazakhstan looked like Western Kazakhstani archaeologists finally displayed the exclusive artifacts found in the ancient noble woman burial site discovered in 2012 and presented the reconstructed garment of the Golden Woman.
18 августа 2014
Ulytau ©Saulet Sakenov Kazakh researchers to explore cradle of nomadic culture Kazakhstan National Geographic Society has launched an expedition into the epicenter of the nomadic civilization -Ulytau.
13 августа 2014
At the site ©Press service of the Turkic Academy Ancient instrument found in Turkic warrior burial in Kazakhstan Kazakhstani scientists have found an ancient musical instrument in eastern Kazakhstan.
10 августа 2014
Photo © Alibek Dzhenalinov Ice age animal bones discovered in Northern Kazakhstan Bones of ice age animals have been discovered in Pavlodar Oblast in northern Kazakhstan.
05 августа 2014
Swastika on an ancient bowl found during excavations in Eastern Europe. Photo courtesy of Swastika-depicting vessels discovered in Kazakhstan Bronze Age vessels depicting swastika have been excavated by archaeologists in Kazakhstan.
02 августа 2014
Horse remains. Photo courtesy of "Akmola Media Ortalygy". Elite Turkic warrior burial discovered in Kazakhstan An archeological expedition in Zhaksy District of Akmola Oblast has discovered a burial of a warrior of the Turkic period belonging to 6-7 centuries AD and a horse in the neighboring mound.
01 августа 2014

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