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S. Africa's right still fears post-Mandela apocalypse In South Africa, right-wing prophesies that Nelson Mandela's death will be followed by a racial apocalypse refuse to be quashed by events.
27 декабря 2013
Amazingly, world survives Maya 'apocalypse' A global day of lighthearted doom-themed celebration and superstitious scare-mongering culminated Friday at the temples of the Mayan people, whose calendar sparked fears of apocalypse.
22 декабря 2012
Media outnumber doomsayers in Turkish 'apocalypse haven' As the village of Sirince waited for what some say is an apocalypse from which the tiny Turkish hamlet will be spared, its streets were teeming not with doomsayers but a hoard of disappointed journalists.
21 декабря 2012
More doomsday sect arrests in China China has detained more than 100 further members of a Christian sect accused of predicting doomsday, state media said Friday, taking the total held beyond 1,000 as officials denied cold weather was apocalypse-related.
21 декабря 2012
Earthlings head to nearest bunker, or bar, at 'world's end' Diehard doomsayers will be scurrying to the nearest shelter in fear of a Mayan prophecy of the world's end Friday, but many more from Delhi to Sydney will ring in the date by partying like there's no tomorrow.
19 декабря 2012
End of the world: Gangnam Style? If the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are about to descend on Earth, it seems one might be riding in from South Korea on an invisible steed to the tune of "Gangnam Style".
18 декабря 2012
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan scientists speak of doomsday Kazakhstan biophysics and astrophysics commented predictions of the coming doomsday from the scientific point of view.
17 декабря 2012
Many Americans see hint of Apocalypse in extreme weather A third of Americans believe the intensity of recent natural disasters is linked to the Apocalypse described in the New Testament, according to a poll released Thursday.
15 декабря 2012
The Supreme Mufti of Kazakhstan sheikh Absattar Derbissali. ©REUTERS/Shamil Zhumatov Supreme Mufti of Kazakhstan called citizens to put doomsday out of their heads Rumors have been spreading that we will have to face an apocalypse. People are getting scared and stocking up on food. All this is a groundless lie: Mufti.
14 декабря 2012
Photo courtesy of Apocalypse... but not as we know it The End Of The World As We Know It -- TEOTWAWKI -- is littered with predictions that didn't quite pan out.
13 декабря 2012
Photo courtesy of Popping corn to the end: the apocalypse on screen Hands grip seats and shovel in popcorn as the bomb/asteroid/pandemic zeroes in: omens of Armageddon have yet to come true in the real world, but the apocalypse has a rich and varied track record on screen.
13 декабря 2012
December 21: End of Mayan calendar, or end of the world? Gonzalo Alvarez, who had just arrived in Cancun for two weeks of revelry linked to a major milestone in the Mayan calendar, seemed reasonably cheerful for a man about to swallowed up by the Apocalypse.
12 декабря 2012
Open source illustration Kazakhstan residents preparing for doomsday Many Kazakhstan citizens are concerned about the Mayan calendar’s ‘apocalyptic’ prediction that the world may end on December 21, 2012.
19 ноября 2012
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