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Kazakhstan scientists speak of doomsday 17 декабря 2012, 10:50

Kazakhstan biophysics and astrophysics commented predictions of the coming doomsday from the scientific point of view.
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Photo courtesy of sunhome.ru Photo courtesy of sunhome.ru
Kazakhstan biophysics and astrophysics commented predictions of the coming doomsday from the scientific point of view, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the press-service of the Youth Policy Department of Almaty administration. Head of the Moon and Planets Physics Laboratory of Vassiliy Fessenkov Astrophysical Institute Viktor Teifel assured that there were no unusual space appearances including the ones that could cause doomsday. "The scientists are well familiar with the 11-year cyclicity of increasing and decreasing solar activity. And the coming maximum will hardly be something outstanding. Over the past millions of years the humanity, as well as all the living creatures on Earth, were exposed to the Sun radiation and magnetic storms and are quite used to tham, so the solar activities will not create any catastrophes for us," the scientist said. Doctor of Biological Sciences, professor Viktor Inyushin, head of the Biophysics Ecology Laboratory of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, famous for his precise predictions of earthquakes in Kazakhstan and the world, also sees no grounds for worries. The scientist believes that rumors and tales of the coming apocalypse are spread by people for commercial benefits. "According to the latest research, no cataclysms, earthquakes or other threats to life are expected," the professor said. The gossips of the end of the world were also refuted by Doctor of Biological Sciences and member of the International Informational Science Academy professor Sultan Teleukhanov. "This is a ridiculous joke. Nobody can predict the end of the world. There are no scientific facts confirming such gossips. Nothing supernatural will be going on. No planetary alignment is expected on December 21. Solar activity will not do any harm to the Earth, except causing blood pressure fluctuation and increasing blood sugar. I am calling people to stop the panic and get ready for the New Year holidays," he said. Head of the Young Policy Department of Almaty administration Sanzhar Bokayev also refuted the gossips about the coming doomsday. "Stop frightening young people! Yes, there is a Mayan calendar, nobody denies that. But any calendar has its beginning and its end. The doomsday does not happen every December 31, does it? So why should it happen with the end of the Mayan calendar?" he said. "Why don't we declare that there will be a doomsday on December 31, 2047, the calendar in my cell phone finishes on this day... That's why I would like to assure all young Almaty residents who are concerned about this issue: there will be no doomsday," Bokayev continued. Earlier Tengrinews.kz English reported that some people in Almaty started stocking up on candles, matches, grits, crackers and canned food. Aktau and Zhanaozen residents in western Kazakhstan also started preparing for the apocalypse. Meanwhile, the Supreme Mufti of Kazakhstan sheikh Absattar Derbissali called Kazakhstan citizens to shake gossips about imminent doomsday out their heads. Kazakhstan Emergency Situations Minister Vladimir Bozhko also refuted the rumors about the coming doomsday. According to him, this is an absolutely fictitious situation widely popularized by the media.

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