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26.09.2014 11:24 Politics
An analysis of Twitter messages from the Arab-speaking world reveals strong anti-American sentiment.
22.10.2013 19:56 Industry, Infrastructure
The future of the ineffective free economic zones in Kazakhstan will be decided on by the year end.
06.09.2013 18:53 Politics
Iran is carefully watching the divisive US debate on whether to launch military strikes against its chief ally, Syria, but the Obama administration may be at risk of sending Tehran the wrong message.
06.07.2013 12:29 Health
The new MERS coronavirus that has claimed dozens of lives in the Middle East does not yet have the ability to trigger a pandemic, but vigilance is needed in case it mutates.
16.06.2013 12:28 Markets
Oil prices surged on Friday helped by a rise in Middle East worries, after Washington said it would provide military support to Syria's rebels and Iran went to the polls to elect a new president.
09.03.2013 14:49 Markets
Google has retaken the role of superstar of the tech sector with a stunning stock rally as rival Apple flounders.
14.02.2013 13:12 Markets
Japan's economy shrank for a third straight quarter in October-December, data showed Thursday, leaving it mired in recession owing to weak export demand, but analysts pointed to brighter times ahead.
04.09.2012 11:09 Auto made an analysis of the cars costs in Kazakhstan and other countries to reveal how much Kazakhstan residents overpay for new cars.