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21.02.2015 10:41 Politics
The world's oldest leader, Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe, turns 91 with much to celebrate -- even as critics condemn as "obscene" his lavish birthday party plans.
30.09.2014 13:08 Companies
The International Monetary Fund urged Zimbabwe to clarify its controversial policies that bar foreign companies from holding stakes in local enterprises.
07.06.2014 13:22 People
Kazakhstani Asel Rysmendieva, 24, has been nominated for the annual Hermann Gmeiner award that was named after Austrian philanthropist and SOS Children’s village founder.
26.09.2013 10:42 Environment
More than 80 elephants and other animals have died of cyanide poisoning by poachers in Zimbabwe's largest game park.
26.08.2013 16:09 Politics
Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe on Sunday threatened "tit-for-tat" actions against Western countries that have imposed sanctions on his rule, suggesting US and British firms could be targeted.
22.08.2013 17:12 Politics
Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe, who will extend his 33-years in power on Thursday, once quipped he would rule his country until he turned 100.
20.08.2013 13:15 Politics
The United States will only lift sanctions on Zimbabwe's newly re-elected President Robert Mugabe if he implements political reforms.
10.08.2013 12:56 Politics
Zimbabwe has signed a secret deal to supply Iran with the raw materials needed to develop a nuclear weapon, in breach of international sanctions.
03.08.2013 13:44 Politics
Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe looked poised to win a seventh term in office after romping to victory in parliamentary polls dismissed as fraudulent by the opposition, as the head of the UN led calls for calm.
31.07.2013 18:59 Politics
The United States voiced concern on Tuesday at charges of potential vote-rigging as Zimbabwe goes to the polls to elect a president.
31.07.2013 15:27 Politics
Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe on Tuesday said former British prime minister Tony Blair was to blame for his country's problems on the eve of a crucial general election.
19.07.2013 17:23 Politics
President Robert Mugabe on Thursday rebuked the "insane" US for criticising his push for elections without key reforms and told it to keep its "pink nose" out of Zimbabwe's affairs.
16.07.2013 13:55 Politics
After 33 years in power, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe is back on the campaign trail, where his advancing years are subtly starting to show.
02.07.2013 10:00 Politics
US President Barack Obama warned Sunday that Africa could only fulfill its rising potential with leaders who serve their people, not tyrants who enrich themselves.
14.03.2013 18:34 Laws, Initiatives
Beleaguered Zimbabweans will on Saturday vote on a new constitution that would, for the first time, put a definite end date on Robert Mugabe's controversial rule.
05.03.2013 13:51 Health
Daily doses of drugs or vaginal gels have proven ineffective at preventing HIV infections in southern Africa, a study out Monday revealed, saying most of the women failed to use them as directed.
22.02.2013 12:21 Politics
Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe turned 89 on Thursday determined to extend his grip on power despite concerns over his health and advanced age.
30.01.2013 14:32 Finance
After paying public workers' salaries last week, the balance in cash-strapped Zimbabwe's government public account stood at just $217.
21.11.2012 11:41 Laws, Initiatives
A record 110 countries on Monday backed a resolution voted every two years at a UN General Assembly committee calling for the abolition of the death penalty.
04.10.2012 12:21 Politics
Cash-strapped Zimbabwe's electoral commission needs $104 million to organise a referendum on a new constitution that would pave way for a vote on a successor to the country's shaky coalition government.
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