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29.09.2015 16:08 Companies
Yahoo notified US regulators that it is proceeding with plans to spin off its multi-billion-dollar stake in Alibaba despite the unanswered question of what the tax bill could be.
01.08.2015 14:08 Companies
Yahoo on Friday said it is adding to its lengthy roster of acquisitions with a deal to buy social shopping website Polyvore.
30.07.2015 10:49 Internet
Yahoo unveiled a new mobile application allowing users to exchange live video, text and emoticons, without audio.
28.04.2015 16:05 Companies
US Internet giant Yahoo said it was expanding its online offerings, unveiling 18 new video series with which it hopes to attract a larger audience and advertisers.
27.03.2015 12:37 Companies
Yahoo told US regulators that it will spend another $2 billion buying back shares as the pioneering US Internet search firm continues an effort to re-invent itself.
12.02.2015 10:15 Internet
Facebook, Yahoo and other technology firms announced the creation of a "ThreatExchange" to share information to help thwart cyberattacks.
28.01.2015 16:16 Companies
Yahoo is spinning off its stake in Chinese Internet giant Alibaba, splitting off the valuable holdings in a move that sidesteps taxes.
09.01.2015 13:49 Internet
Google saw its share of the US Internet search market slip to its lowest ever mark, while Yahoo notched its highest share in five years.
20.11.2014 11:29 Internet
Firefox maker Mozilla announced that it is switching to Yahoo as the default service for online searches done through the Web browser in the United States.
13.11.2014 09:39 Companies
Yahoo announced it is buying video advertising platform BrightRoll for $640 million to bolster its ability to make money from marketing on desktop computers.
04.10.2014 13:59 Internet
Flush with cash from its investment in Alibaba, Yahoo is angling to buy into hot mobile messaging startup Snapchat, the Wall Street Journal reported.
27.09.2014 12:37 Internet
An activist investment firm urged Yahoo to explore a tie-up with online rival AOL.
12.09.2014 13:16 Internet
US authorities threatened to fine Yahoo $250,000 a day if it failed to comply with a secret surveillance program.
04.09.2014 13:19 Internet
Yahoo on Wednesday hit the Internet catwalk with a digital fashion magazine dubbed 'Style.'
15.08.2014 10:09 Internet
Yahoo announced Thursday the relaunch of its e-commerce platform, which allows small businesses to easily set up online retailing.
13.08.2014 14:25 Companies
Yahoo said Tuesday it was bolstering its local search capabilities by absorbing the team from the smartphone recommendation app Zofari.
20.05.2014 10:33 Companies
Internet giant Yahoo Japan said Monday it had cancelled plans to buy domestic telecom company eAccess from its parent SoftBank Corp. in a deal that was valued at about $3.2 billion.
29.04.2014 23:30 Internet
Yahoo on Monday unveiled original online shows and new advertising options as it continued a long-running attempt to evolve into an Internet venue for premier content.
07.03.2014 09:30 Companies
Yahoo confirmed that it will stop letting people sign into its online services using credentials from rival Internet titans Facebook or Google.
28.02.2014 13:24 Internet
US senators said British and US spy agencies showed a "breathtaking lack of respect" for privacy after reports they had intercepted and stored images from webcams used by millions of Yahoo users.
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