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16.09.2014 15:25 Science, Technologies
Microsoft sent out invitations to a September 30 event at which it is expected to provide a glimpse at the next version of its Windows operating system.
20.05.2014 17:28 Internet
Beijing summoned the US ambassador and accused Washington of double standards Tuesday over its unprecedented indictment of five Chinese military officers for cyber-espionage.
28.04.2014 11:29 Internet
Microsoft was scrambling Sunday to repair a security hole in its widely used Internet Explorer web browser, saying it had detected attempts to exploit the flaw.
27.06.2013 18:36 Science, Technologies
Microsoft on Wednesday courted application makers with a "re-blended" version of the overhauled Windows 8 operating system released late last year.
27.10.2012 12:25 Gadgets
Microsoft kicked off sales of its revamped Windows 8 system and Surface tablet Friday amid mixed reviews as the tech giant ramped up efforts to compete in a market shifting rapidly from PCs to mobile devices.