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28.06.2014 10:10 Sport
Uruguay star Luis Suarez exited the World Cup in shame after being hit with the heaviest suspension in the tournament's history for biting an Italian opponent.
25.06.2014 14:10 Sport
Uruguay star Luis Suarez faces expulsion from the World Cup for biting as FIFA confirmed it had opened disciplinary proceedings against the player.
04.05.2014 11:41 Laws, Initiatives
Uruguay on Friday took a major step in setting rules for the government-regulated sale of marijuana, a daring experiment supported by the country's iconoclastic president.
06.03.2014 15:25 Laws, Initiatives
Uruguay lashed out at the United Nations, labeling the world body "old school" for its criticism of the country's world-first marijuana law.
23.12.2013 15:32 Politics
Uruguay's economy minister has resigned as he faces a probe over the 2012 collapse of national airline Pluna -- a scandal that has tainted President Jose Mujica's administration.
11.12.2013 12:05 Laws, Initiatives
Uruguay's Senate has approved ground-breaking legislation legalizing marijuana, becoming the first nation in the world to oversee the production and sale of the drug.
27.11.2013 18:59 Politics
Kazakhstan Secretary of State Marat Tazhin has accepted the credentials from Ambassadors of Denmark, Uruguay. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Bangladesh, Philippines, Zambia, Nigeria and Fiji.
06.08.2013 14:01 Politics
Latin American bloc Mercosur reiterated Monday to the United Nations its indignation over US espionage practices revealed by Edward Snowden.
01.08.2013 11:01 Laws, Initiatives
Uruguay's lower house Wednesday approved a controversial bill which for the first time would put a government in charge of production and distribution of legal marijuana.
12.04.2013 10:00 Laws, Initiatives
Uruguay's legislature voted Wednesday to allow same-sex marriages nationwide, making it only the second Latin American country to do so.
05.04.2013 15:33 Politics
Uruguay's President Jose Mujica was left red-faced Thursday after disparaging remarks apparently aimed at Argentine counterpart Cristina Kirchner and her late husband were picked up by an open microphone.
26.09.2012 14:22 Laws, Initiatives
Uruguay took a step toward legalizing abortion on Tuesday as lawmakers in the lower chamber of parliament narrowly passed a bill allowing the procedure under certain conditions.
07.09.2012 10:25 Laws, Initiatives
Uruguayan President Jose Mujica said Wednesday that if parliament were to pass a groundbreaking bill allowing the state to sell marijuana, drug tourism would not be allowed.
01.08.2012 16:18 Politics
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has an "irreversible" advantage over his rival, Henrique Capriles, in the upcoming October 7 election.