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11.08.2016 17:51 Sport
Germany's weightlifting coach has called for seven countries, including Kazakhstan, to be banned from international competition/
05.08.2016 15:31 Industry, Infrastructure
Ukraine said Thursday it had reached an agreement with the US-based electric giant Westinghouse to build a nuclear fuel production unit.
06.04.2016 19:33 Science, Technologies
Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk intends to introduce a ban on oil product imports from Russia.
03.03.2016 00:03 Strange News
A Ukrainian village renamed a street, which honoured Soviet founder Lenin, after The Beatles' John Lennon.
24.12.2015 17:43 Markets
Ukraine is responding to Moscow's food embargo with "mirror sanctions" of its own, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk announced.
09.12.2015 18:24 Politics
EU nations may delay a decision on whether to roll over economic sanctions against Russia.
27.11.2015 13:51 Politics
Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte defended an EU cooperation deal with Ukraine as vital for European stability only months before a referendum Dutch eurosceptics have forced on the accord.
26.11.2015 10:49 Finance
Sanctions against Russia over its involvement in the Ukraine crisis could be lifted if Moscow fulfils commitments it made to help resolve the conflict, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said.
25.11.2015 17:42 Companies
Russian state giant Gazprom said it had halted gas deliveries to Ukraine after Kiev failed to make upfront payments for more supplies.
06.11.2015 11:30 Finance
Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk blasted a planned second gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea, claiming it would cost his country $2 billion (1.8 billion euros) a year in lost revenue.
02.11.2015 15:09 Crime
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko warned that the arrest of a millionaire associate of one of the country's most powerful oligarchs was only "the start" of a fight against the corruption plaguing the ex-Soviet country.
20.10.2015 12:10 Finance
Standard and Poor's upgraded Ukraine's credit rating from "selective default" thanks to the cash-strapped former Soviet country's ability to strike a major debt write-restructuring deal.
19.10.2015 15:14 Education
Three portraits of former Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin are on display in the centre of Donetsk, the rebel capital of eastern Ukraineю
15.10.2015 21:11 Military
Kazakhstan and Ukraine have signed an agreement on cooperation in aviation.
15.10.2015 16:04 Politics
German Chancellor Angela Merkel said there was a "glimmer of hope" that Ukraine could finally head towards a political solution to ending the separatist war in the country's east.
14.10.2015 13:34 Finance
President Vladimir Putin called on the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to lend an additional $3 billion to Ukraine to help the ex-Soviet country pay off its debt to Russia.
13.10.2015 18:12 Politics
Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk blamed Russia's security service for last year's downing of the MH17 airliner over pro-Kremlin separatist territory in the east of the ex-Soviet state.
12.10.2015 14:58 Politics
Ukranian President Petro Poroshenko stressed the need for legitimate elections in the country's separatist regions in order to eventually re-integrate the pro-Moscow strongholds.
07.10.2015 16:51 Politics
President Petro Poroshenko said a "real truce" had begun in Ukraine but that a long-lasting peace with pro-Russian insurgents would still take some time.
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