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07.06.2016 16:52 Politics
Residents of a border district in China's mostly Muslim region of Xinjiang must now provide DNA samples when applying for passports.
29.07.2015 13:37 Politics
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan headed for China Wednesday having secured NATO's backing for Ankara's fight against Islamic State militants.
22.11.2014 11:48 Crime
A Chinese court rejected an appeal against a life sentence handed to a prominent scholar from the mostly-Muslim Uighur minority.
24.09.2014 14:06 Unrest
A prominent academic from China's mostly-Muslim Uighur minority was jailed for life Tuesday for "separatism".
31.07.2014 10:06 Unrest
A clash in Xinjiang, home to China's mostly Muslim Uighur minority, left nearly 100 people dead or wounded, an exile group said Wednesday after what authorities called a "terror attack" on a police station and township.
27.05.2014 14:26 Unrest
Police in China's restive Xinjiang seized 1.8 tonnes of bombmaking material and detained five people, authorities said Tuesday, following a string of deadly attacks blamed on militants from the Muslim Uighur homeland.
12.05.2014 13:58 Crime
Police in China's Xinjiang region, home to mainly Muslim Uighurs, have arrested more than 200 people over six weeks for "dissemination of violent or terrorist videos", state media said Monday, amid a wave of train station attacks.
30.10.2013 11:51 Unrest
Police in Beijing are searching for eight suspects from China's restive Xinjiang region after a fatal car crash in Tiananmen Square.
29.08.2013 14:38 Unrest
A Chinese policeman was killed in an "anti-terrorism" operation in the restive region of Xinjiang.
04.07.2013 18:13 Politics
Beijing's propaganda portrays the vast and remote western region of Xinjiang as a harmonious land of colourful, mostly Muslim Uighur natives and hard-working migrants prospering under Communist Party rule.
04.07.2013 14:26 Crime
Authorities in China's restive Xinjiang region have issued a "most wanted" list and offered rewards for tipoffs.
28.06.2013 18:25 Unrest
The death toll in one of the worst riots in China's restive Xinjiang area has been raised to 35 from 27, state media said Friday, amid reports of tightened security ahead of a sensitive anniversary.
26.04.2013 10:22 Unrest
The United States on Wednesday urged China to safeguard the rights of its Uighur minority and carry out a transparent probe of the latest violence in which 21 people died.