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25.02.2015 13:34 Cinema, Music
U2 faced such a backlash over its free album that the band apologized, but the Irish superstars claimed vindication as research showed its music dominated iTunes listening.
06.12.2014 13:13 Entertainment, Style
How did U2 frontman Bono escape notice when he crashed his bicycle last month? If his bandmate is to be believed, it's because he was disguised as a Hasidic Jew.
19.11.2014 12:16 Environment
U2, who faced mockery for sending their album for free to iTunes' half billion users, are back with a new experiment -- a film version by leading urban artists.
17.11.2014 21:55 People
U2 frontman Bono will be getting surgery after injuring his arm in a fall from his bicycle in New York's Central Park.
16.09.2014 14:43 Internet
Apple began helping people boot U2 off their iTunes accounts after a cacophony of complaints about not wanting the automatically downloaded free album.
31.05.2014 11:36 Music
U2 stars Bono and The Edge have joined the Fender board of directors, adding some rock and roll glamor to a company whose guitars they have been using for decades, it said.
13.02.2014 10:25 Cinema, Music
Irish rock veterans U2 will play their Oscar-nominated song "Ordinary Love" from the movie "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom" at this year's Academy Awards.