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31.07.2014 14:05 Crime
An independent legal panel called for criminal charges to be brought against three former executives of the Fukushima nuclear plant operator for their role in the 2011 atomic disaster.
03.06.2014 00:00 Emergencies
Japan on Monday started work on an underground ice wall at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, freezing the soil under broken reactors to slow the build-up of radioactive water, officials said.
21.05.2014 10:30 Emergencies
The operator of Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant said Tuesday it had again suspended a trouble-plagued system used to clean radiation-tainted water.
01.03.2014 14:21 Disasters
Hundreds rallied in Tokyo Saturday to protest at Japanese prosecutors' decision to drop charges over the Fukushima nuclear crisis, with no one yet punished nearly three years after the "man-made" disaster.
20.02.2014 12:35 Emergencies
A new leak of 100 tonnes of highly radioactive water has been discovered at Fukushima, the plant's operator said Thursday after it revealed only one of nine thermometers in a crippled reactor was still working.
25.12.2013 17:19 Industry, Infrastructure
Tokyo Electric Power said it would submit a fresh restructuring plan to a Japanese government-backed fund Wednesday, which could see the creation of a special unit to dismantle the crippled Fukushima plant.
20.10.2013 10:55 Disasters
Groundwater radiation levels at Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant have soared near a tank that leaked 300 tonnes of toxic water in August.
03.10.2013 14:25 Disasters
Another leak of radioactive water has been found at Fukushima, the plant's Japanese operator said Thursday, the latest setback for the troubled clean-up at the broken nuclear power station.
29.08.2013 12:45 Companies
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has promised to the world his government will play a greater role in stopping leaks of highly radioactive water at Fukushima.
27.08.2013 10:22 Companies
Japan's government was ramping up pressure on electric utility TEPCO after a huge leak of radioactive water at Fukushima.
19.07.2013 18:44 Companies
The operator of Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant said Friday it still did not know what caused steam seen inside a reactor building, nor why it was no longer there.
18.07.2013 12:50 Companies
Steam has been spotted in a reactor building at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan, its operator said Thursday, but stressed there is no sign yet of increased radiation.
15.04.2013 16:57 Disasters
The International Atomic Energy Agency on Monday started a fresh probe into Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant, where leaks and powercuts have dented public confidence in clean-up efforts.
06.04.2013 11:17 Industry, Infrastructure
One of the systems keeping spent atomic fuel cool at the Fukushima nuclear plant temporarily failed on Friday, the second outage in a matter of weeks, underlining the precarious fix at the plant.
07.11.2012 17:25 Companies
The cost of cleaning up the mess left by meltdowns at Fukushima nuclear power station and compensating those affected may double to $125 billion.
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