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19.06.2013 13:11 Science, Technologies
If you have just seen a play that you privately think is drivel, will you keep silent when everyone around you demands an encore?
07.06.2013 10:00 Politics
In their plush Manhattan apartment, Sweden's Princess Madeleine and her future husband, Anglo-American Christopher O'Neill, live a life far away from the Swedish throne.
20.05.2013 13:10 Music
Exuberant Copenhageners braved the chill Sunday to celebrate Eurovision Song Contest winner Emmelie de Forest in Denmark's iconic Tivoli Gardens amusement park.
18.05.2013 12:03 Music
Fans from around the world have descended on the Swedish city of Malmoe for Saturday's final of the Eurovision Song Contest, with ABBA's Benny Andersson and Bjoern Ulvaeus expected to appear.
17.05.2013 16:43 Entertainment, Style
A song inspired by the Greek debt crisis, a gay marriage anthem and a male opera singer on Thursday made it through to this weekend's Eurovision Song Contest final.
08.05.2013 11:33 Cinema, Music
Movies from ten European countries (Turkey, UK, Latvia, Hungary, Italy, Germany, Sweden, France and Poland) will be screened in the Festival.
23.04.2013 11:10 Music
Fans of the legendary Swedish disco group ABBA can hardly wait: in just a few weeks, Stockholm will open the doors to the world's first museum dedicated to the iconic foursome.
16.04.2013 13:05 Environment
Controversial plans to revive the EU's faltering carbon cap-and-trade system so as to cut greenhouse gas emissions face a tough test in the European Parliament.
10.04.2013 14:30 Finance
The UN warned Wednesday that austerity measures are hitting children hard, as it published a ranking of kids' well-being in rich countries topped by northern European countries and showing Britain climbing out of the bottom tier.
29.03.2013 15:34 Companies
Swedish telecoms operator Tele2 on Thursday announced it had agreed to sell its Russian subsidiary to Russian state bank VTB.
27.03.2013 10:48 People
The number of children born outside marriage in Europe has doubled over two decades to 40 percent, with Estonia, Slovenia and France registering almost three out of every five births out of wedlock.
26.03.2013 20:02 Politics
Kazakhstan Foreign Minister Yerlan Idrissov rendered the official visit to Sweden.
23.03.2013 10:27 Sport
Kazakhstan athlete Julia Galysheva won silver at the Freestyle Ski World Cup in women's dual moguls.
11.03.2013 17:34 Politics
Swedish Princess Lilian, who waited over three decades to marry her lifelong love Prince Bertil, passed away at her Stockholm home on Sunday at the age of 97.
26.02.2013 17:57 Companies
Swedish furniture giant Ikea has withdrawn its own-label meatballs from sale in at least 16 European countries after Czech authorities found horsemeat in the product.
19.02.2013 15:33 Cinema, Music
Russia's Dina Garipova will represent Russia in the Eurovision-2013 song contest with What If song. Kazakhstan's Luina bid unsuccessful.
15.02.2013 14:50 Cinema, Music
Russia has accepted the Kazakhstan singer's application. Channel One will define Russia’s Eurovision-2013 participant.
14.02.2013 10:53 Health
The EU's executive called in Europe's law enforcers and urged bloc-wide DNA food testing on Wednesday to restore consumer confidence in a widening scandal over horsemeat-tainted processed food.
31.01.2013 18:47 Sport
Kazakhstan national bandy team is ranked third overall thanks to its victory over Finland and Norway.
02.01.2013 14:26 Health
The use of antidepressants during pregnancy is not linked to a higher overall risk of stillbirth and death in newborns, a study said Tuesday, confounding a long-held opposing view of such drugs.
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