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08.01.2014 15:28 Markets
Almaty is the most 'alluring city' in Kazakhstan and number 7 of the Top 10 cities to visit in 2014 according to The Rough Guide.
25.12.2013 09:54 People
As winter approaches, the Samis of northern Sweden move thousands of reindeer down from the snow-covered mountains for lowland grazing. They have done so for centuries, but they wonder how much longer they can continue.
23.11.2013 14:03 Unrest
North Korea has acknowledged that it is holding another American, but has so far barred Western officials any access to the detainee, a US official said Friday.
22.11.2013 16:49 Politics
Ukraine on Friday faced accusations from the West it had missed a historic opportunity and caved into Kremlin pressure after the government scrapped plans to sign a deal to deepen trade and political ties with the European Union.
21.11.2013 10:46 Internet
An estimated 1.61 billion people, more than one in five globally, will log in to social networking sites at least monthly this year, the research firm eMarketer said Tuesday.
13.11.2013 13:13 Sport
Sweden has put forth Stockholm in a bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics.
12.11.2013 15:29 Cinema, Music
Legendary Swedish pop group ABBA could reunite next year to mark the 40th anniversary since they won the Eurovision Song Contest and were catapulted to global stardom, singer Agnetha Faltskog revealed on Sunday.
09.11.2013 14:16 People
Anti-Semitism has worsened in Europe in the past few years with abuse increasingly widespread on the Internet, a survey by the European Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) showed Friday.
07.11.2013 15:44 Politics
The far-right Sweden Democrats party on Wednesday proposed forbidding foreigners from begging in the country under penalty of jail time or expulsion.
05.11.2013 13:14 Art, Books
When the Stockholm Film Festival opens Wednesday, the jury will include world-famous Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei -- in spirit only, represented by an empty chair he designed himself.
29.10.2013 13:27 Health
Mowing the lawn or washing the car are among simple activities that can reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke by almost 30 percent in people over 60.
13.10.2013 21:25 People
The watchdog now overseeing the destruction of Syria's chemical arsenal has won the Nobel Peace Prize for its efforts to rid the world of the devastating weapons.
10.10.2013 15:02 People
Teenage Pakistani education activist Malala Yousafzai and a Congolese doctor dedicated to helping rape victims are the two most-hyped figures among pundits ahead of Friday's Nobel Peace Prize announcement.
08.10.2013 14:10 Science, Technologies
A trio of American scientists won the Nobel Prize for Medicine on Monday for pioneering work on the body's cell transport system.
07.10.2013 13:40 Science, Technologies
The Nobel season kicks off Monday amid expectations that the physics prize will honour the discovery of the "God Particle", while a Pakistani girl who was shot and nearly killed by the Taliban could receive the peace prize.
04.10.2013 11:49 People
Swedish inventor and scholar Alfred Nobel (1833-1896), who made a vast fortune from his invention of dynamite in 1866, ordered the creation of the Nobel prizes in his will.
28.09.2013 10:19 Environment
An imminent scientific summary on climate change will serve as an "alarm clock moment" for the world.
12.09.2013 12:27 Science, Technologies
A wide-ranging probe into woolly mammoths has added to evidence that the towering tusker was wiped out by climate change.
12.08.2013 16:40 Cinema, Music
A rare ABBA recording was sold Sunday for nearly 5,000 euros, in an online auction of a vast collection of the Swedish pop group's memorabilia.
24.07.2013 17:09 Auto
Swedish heavy truck and construction equipment maker Volvo reported that profits plunged in the second quarter.
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