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Sri Lanka

Новости по теме: Sri-Lanka По вашему запросу найдено: 42 материалов
19.08.2015 15:54 Politics
Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe urged Sri Lanka's parties to work together as he began forming a new government backed by minority Tamils.
18.08.2015 15:18 Politics
Sri Lanka's Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe welcomed "the victory of the people" and appealed for unity after an election which seems certain to return his United National Party (UNP) to power.
02.05.2015 15:31 Politics
US Secretary of State John Kerry hailed Sri Lanka for making "enormous progress" since the departure of strongman Mahinda Rajapakse.
13.01.2015 11:31 Religion
Pope Francis set off for a six-day trip to Sri Lanka and the Philippines, where his open-air masses are expected to draw millions.
09.01.2015 14:57 Politics
Maithripala Sirisena will be sworn in as Sri Lanka's new president after the strongman incumbent conceded defeat in a bitterly fought election.
09.01.2015 11:34 Politics
Sri Lankans turned out in large numbers, shrugging off some reports of intimidation to vote in the island's tightest election in decades.
08.01.2015 12:42 Politics
Top US diplomat John Kerry has urged Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse to ensure that Thursday's elections are peaceful and credible.
30.12.2014 10:01 Politics
UN chief Ban Ki-moon urged the Sri Lankan government to ensure next week's elections are peaceful and that minorities are able to vote without fear.
29.09.2014 12:49 Religion
A controversial Buddhist cleric from Myanmar announced he is linking up with hardline monks in Sri Lanka.
17.09.2014 11:50 Politics
China's President announced increased defence and maritime security cooperation with Sri Lanka.
18.07.2014 13:51 Crime
A Sri Lankan ruling party politician and three accomplices were Friday sentenced to 20 years in jai for murdering a British holidaymaker on Christmas Eve and raping his Russian partner.
09.07.2014 14:54 Strange News
A dozen mothers in an asylum-seeker camp have reportedly attempted suicide so their children can be settled in Australia, piling pressure on Prime Minister Tony Abbott who said Wednesday he would not be morally blackmailed.
01.07.2014 23:34 Strange News
A magistrate has postponed Tuesday's scheduled start of an operation to exhume a suspected mass war grave on Sri Lanka's east coast after police said they needed more preparation time, an official said.
16.06.2014 13:42 Religion
Sri Lanka's police extended a curfew across two popular coastal resorts Sunday to contain religious riots that left at least 41 people wounded and heightened tensions between Muslims and Buddhists.
02.06.2014 12:30 Strange News
A Sri Lankan Tamil asylum-seeker has died after setting himself on fire while awaiting a visa decision in Australia, Immigration Minister Scott Morrison said.
24.05.2014 16:50 Environment
Three female Asian elephants took up residence at the Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington on Friday after a 2,500-mile (4,000-kilometer) road trip from western Canada.
20.05.2014 13:29 Politics
Kazakhstan will render $2 million worth of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan this year.
23.04.2014 10:05 Religion
Sri Lanka has detained a female British tourist for having a Buddha tattoo on her right arm and ordered her deportation, police said.
12.04.2014 11:20 Unrest
Sri Lanka's military on Friday shot dead three men during an operation against suspected Tamil separatist rebels, in the first major confrontation since the end of the island's war nearly five years ago, a spokesman said.
02.03.2014 17:43 Unrest
A Sri Lankan family has stumbled upon the remains of at least nine bodies buried in the garden of their home, police said Saturday, the latest mass grave to be discovered in the country's former war zone.
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