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26.06.2013 18:39 Internet
The first four of 12 satellites in a new constellation to provide affordable, high-speed Internet to people in nearly 180 "under-connected" countries were blasted into Space.
16.03.2013 12:52 Science, Technologies
Three astronauts returned safely to Earth from the International Space early Saturday, aboard a Russian capsule which landed on the freezing Kazakhstan steppe.
15.01.2013 13:01 Science, Technologies
Russia's struggling space agency has unveiled a new multi-billion-dollar plan that will see the development of a replacement for the ageing Soyuz rocket by 2020.
19.11.2012 12:47 Science, Technologies
A Russian cosmonaut and two astronauts from the International Space Station touched down early Monday on the steppes of Kazakhstan in a Russian Soyuz capsule after spending over four months aboard the ISS.
24.10.2012 18:26 Science, Technologies
A Russian rocket carrying two Russian cosmonauts and an American astronaut blasted off successfully on Tuesday for the International Space Station.
13.10.2012 17:18 Science, Technologies
Soyuz rocket launched two Galileo satellites into orbit on Friday, marking a crucial step for Europe's planned navigation system, operator Arianespace announced.
17.09.2012 13:38 Science, Technologies
A woman took command of the International Space Station for only the second time Monday as three US and Russian colleagues made a safe return from the orbiting space lab to the Kazakh steppe.
03.07.2012 10:04 Science, Technologies
A Russian Soyuz capsule carrying three astronauts on Sunday landed on schedule in the Kazakh steppe, the Russian mission control said.
19.09.2011 13:41 Science, Technologies
Soyuz TMA-21 capsule successfully landed in Kazakhstan.
27.08.2011 12:55 Politics
Why would we ban launches if the accident caused no damage and losses to Kazakhstan party?: Mussabayev.
23.04.2011 16:18 Finance
Talgat Mussabayev from Kazakh National Space Agency spoke about Russia's profit from Baikonur. Kazakhstan needs ways to continue the cosmodromes operations in case Russia moves away to its own space centers.