Soldiers of Khalifat

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06.12.2012 15:01 Crime
Based on the fact that there are several Kazakhstan citizens in the terrorist group, we believe that the threat is real: National Security Commission.
18.10.2012 18:23 Crime
Leader of the terrorist group Soldiers of Khalifat Moezeddine Garsallaoui was killed during a raid in North Waziristan province of Pakistan.
24.08.2012 16:48 Crime
Toulouse shooter Mohammed Merah who shot 7 people in March 2012 had broad connections in 20 countries, including Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia.
20.12.2011 22:53 Unrest
On December 17 members of the organization uploaded a video with new threats on the Internet.
09.12.2011 17:07 Emergencies
Islamist group Jund al-Khalifat (Soldiers of Khalifat) has claimed responsibility for the shooting in Boraldai village on December 3.
30.11.2011 15:55 Crime
Soldiers of Khalifat is acknowledged a terrorist organization and its activities are banned at the territory of Kazakhstan: Prosecutors.
16.11.2011 16:37 Emergencies
In Taraz the regime witnessed what "one soldier can do," and they should be prepared for more: Soldiers of Khalifat.
15.11.2011 15:57 Crime
Investigation department is checking all possible versions of the terrorist attack in Taraz.
10.11.2011 16:17 Emergencies
Leader of Jund al-Khalifat criminal group Rawil Kusaynov gave an interview to Minbar Media Project.
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