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Soldiers of Khalifat keep threatening Kazakhstan 10 ноября 2011, 16:17

Leader of Jund al-Khalifat criminal group Rawil Kusaynov gave an interview to Minbar Media Project.
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Remains of the suicide bomber's body after a blast in Atyrau. Snapshot from STV channel's video Remains of the suicide bomber's body after a blast in Atyrau. Snapshot from STV channel's video
Following the investigation of the terrorist attacks in Atyrau leader of Jund al-Khalifat (Soldiers of Khalifat) criminal group Rawil Kusaynov gave an interview to Minbar Media Project, SITE Intelligence Group writes. In the interview published on November 9 on Internet-forum Shumukh al-Islam (Al-Quaeda's forum) he told about terrorist attacks in Atyrau and activities of the organization's division, Al Zahir Baibars Battalion (Sultan Baibars). According to the leader of the group, members of the Soldiers of Khalifat are represented by “fighters” of different origins from Afghanistan, Kazakhstan and other countries, who see their goal in restoration of the Islamic Khalifat. In the interview Kusaynov mainly talked about Kazakhstan and the country's policy in particular, that, according to him, has a negative effect on Islam. His speech contained extremist calls for his followers to take the lessons from the Arab Spring and get rid of the government. October 24 Al Zahir Baibars Battalion threatened Kazakhstan with violence in case the government does not cancel the Law on Religion that was adopted in October 2011. A week after the group organized a terrorist attack in Atyrau. The journalist interviewing Kusaynov noted that the actions of the Soldiers (Atyrau blasts) were quite rushed and the group did not give Kazakhstan's government enough time to review the demand made by Islamists. "This is not a hurry, this is promptness,” leader of Jund al-Khalifat said and noted that Kazkahstan's authorities “were also efficient in relation to our warnings”. “We were monitoring their (of Kazakhstan authorities) statements and found them skeptical, arrogant and demonstrating contempt for Mujahideens. They did not show any desire to cancel the unfair decision of the government,” Kusaynov said. Earlier Tengrinews.kz English reported that two explosions happened in Atyrau in the morning of October 31. Siusice bomber turned out to be Atyrau resident Baurzhan Sultangaliyev, 24. The criminal group suspected in organization of the blasts was apprehended on October 31. The investigation defined that this terrorist group was established in 2009 “under the influence of Jihad ideas and impact of extremist preacher Said Buryatskiy, who died in the North Caucasus”. On November 1 Islamic group Djund Al-Khalifat (Soldiers of Khalifat) claimed responsibility for the explosions. Earlier Kazakhstan's General Prosecution office stated that this organization was created this summer by Kazakhstan citizens Rinat Khabidolla, Orynbassar Munatov and Damir Znaliyev to promote Jihad at the territory of Kazakhstan.
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