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13.05.2015 10:41 Science, Technologies
Microsoft-owned Skype cleared the way for anyone to use a new feature that translates video chats or instant messages in real time.
15.11.2014 12:08 Internet
Microsoft released a test version of Skype that lets people make Internet calls from web browsers, eliminating the need to install special applications.
15.10.2014 11:50 Gadgets
Microsoft-owned Skype unveiled a new app enabling users to send short video messages to stay "connected between calls."
13.03.2014 14:40 Internet
Petropavlovsk city of northern Kazakhstan has started experimenting with remote court hearings via Skype.
28.08.2013 12:20 Internet
If David Huang had left his native Taiwan for Sweden a generation ago, he would have taken a giant leap into the unknown.
26.09.2012 19:28 Internet
Kazakhstan's KazakhTelecom has introduced Microsoft Lync.