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08.11.2014 15:21 Industry, Infrastructure
Additional money will be allocated to modernize the Shymkent Oil Refinery on southern Kazakhstan. This will help increase the production capacity of the refinery and make it more environmentally friendly.
16.06.2014 17:01 Finance
Sberbank of Russia will provide $3.6 billion to finance projects of Kazakhstan's national railway company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy (KTZ).
22.05.2013 19:45 Finance
Besides, Sberbank Kazakhstan has signed an agreement with IFC, with the latter providing a loan to finance S&Mbs.
30.01.2013 17:14 Finance
Mr. Gref earlier expressed concerns that Kazakhstan is taking steps to restrict operations of foreign banks in Kazakhstan, including those of Sberbank.
28.01.2013 11:27 Companies
Due to a Samruk-Kazyna’s decision the bank’s Kazakhstan subsiary may lose $800 million deposited by legal entities.
03.01.2013 19:23 Companies
British Max Petroleum that has assets in Kazakhstan received the first tranche of a loan from SB Sberbank JSC in the amount of $60 mln.
23.05.2012 17:09 Companies
Sberbank’s Kazakhstan subsidiary is quite large and we no longer need acquisitions: Sberbank's CEO.
23.05.2012 15:36 Finance
We are planning to become one of the key banks in Kazakhstan in the nearest 5 years: Sberbank chairman.
22.05.2012 19:53 Finance
We could have significantly increased our investments to Kazakhstan: German Gref.
01.12.2011 00:23 Finance
Mr. Gref admitted 2012 “will be rather complicated given the indicators of the latest months”.
30.11.2011 23:28 Companies
First of all, the decision has to do with the vision and strategy of Sberbank’s operations in the Kazakh market: Bank’s Chairman German Gref.
15.10.2011 08:25 Companies
We do not comment on clients’ transactions and on our partners. This has nothing to do with the Bank’s transparency: German Gref.
15.10.2011 01:41 Politics
According to him, “there are some political trends within the CIS that hamper economic integration (…) Unfortunately, disintegration is on the rise”.
02.08.2011 20:33 Kazakhstan
The estimated figure has been raised from $20.5 forecast made in May.