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20.10.2015 12:10 Finance
Standard and Poor's upgraded Ukraine's credit rating from "selective default" thanks to the cash-strapped former Soviet country's ability to strike a major debt write-restructuring deal.
21.09.2015 20:32 Finance
Kazakhstan's credit rating remains at BBB with a negative outlook, according to S&P's latest report.
15.09.2014 16:10 Finance
Senior Director at Standard & Poor's Sovereign Ratings division Christian Esters talks about Kazakhstan's rating outlook and downgrade of GDP growth forecast.
09.09.2014 10:14 Finance
As of July 1, 2014, 33 out of 38 Kazakhstan-based banks are short of the standard to be introduced in 2019.
19.06.2014 15:25 Finance
Standard & Poor’s has revised outlook of 7 Kazakhstan national companies from Stable to Negative.
18.06.2014 00:07 Finance
Standard & Poor’s rating agency predicts a decline in Kazakhstan GDP to 4.5% due to reduced volumes of oil production and a slowdown of the Russian economy.
16.06.2014 14:49 Finance
Standard & Poor’s has changed Kazakhstan’s credit-rating outlook from Stable to to Negative.
23.05.2014 15:40 Finance
Associate Director for Financial Institutions at Standard & Poor's Natalia Yalovskaya said that Kazakhstani banks were exposed to increased forex risk.
02.09.2012 11:03 Finance
Standard & Poor's slashed Catalonia's debt to junk-bond status Friday, warning of looming financial tensions with Spain's central government.