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10.07.2015 10:57 Cinema, Music
Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards announced his first solo album in 23 years, saying the music was influenced by blues, country and reggae.
21.05.2015 11:14 Entertainment, Style
The Rolling Stones announced a surprise last-minute gig at a small Hollywood concert venue night, as they warm up for an upcoming North American tour.
11.11.2014 10:48 Cinema, Music
The Rolling Stones are embroiled in a legal feud with insurance underwriters who refused to pay for a tour cancellation.
18.03.2014 11:06 Cinema, Music
L'Wren Scott, American fashion designer to the stars and long-time girlfriend of Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger, was found dead at her New York apartment.
12.03.2014 14:53 Art, Books
Not content with writing a best-selling autobiography, Rolling Stone guitarist Keith Richards now is coming out with his first children's book in September, publishing house Little.
03.12.2013 12:05 Cinema, Music
Bob Dylan has been charged with insulting behaviour and incitement to hatred in France after a Croat group filed a complaint about an interview he gave to Rolling Stone magazine.
26.07.2013 12:02 People
Pope Francis on Thursday showed that his message of renewed faith in Jesus Christ can compete with the Rolling Stones and their Sympathy for the Devil.
22.07.2013 13:34 Cinema, Music
Mick Jagger turns 70 on Friday -- and though the Rolling Stones frontman isn't quite the image of rebellious youth he once was, he has lost none of his legendary swagger.
04.04.2013 14:04 Music
The Rolling Stones announced Wednesday a highly anticipated nine-city North American tour ahead of their first gig in London's Hyde Park in more than four decades.
28.03.2013 12:27 Music
The Rolling Stones will play Britain's Glastonbury Festival, the world's largest greenfield music and performing arts spectacle.
13.12.2012 16:43 Music
Rock music royalty, including the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd's Roger Waters and Paul McCartney, joined in a stellar line-up Wednesday to raise money for victims of superstorm Sandy.
26.11.2012 11:40 Cinema, Music
The Rolling Stones rocked London on Sunday, thrilling a 20,000 crowd with the first of five concerts to mark their 50th anniversary.
10.11.2012 12:27 Cinema, Music
The Rolling Stones on Monday release a greatest hits album titled "Grrr!" featuring two new tracks recorded over the summer in Paris, as fans count down to a string of 50th-anniversary concerts.
07.07.2012 11:55 Cinema, Music
Most London shoppers rush by 165 Oxford Street without a second glance -- but it was here 50 years ago that The Rolling Stones played their first gig and changed the landscape of pop music forever.