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07.05.2014 01:25 Health
Pakistan will set up mandatory polio immunisation points at its international airports in response to recommendations by the World Health Organisation, the health ministry said.
11.02.2014 16:45 Health
Indian leaders are set later Tuesday to celebrate the eradication of polio, marking one of the country's biggest public health success stories which was once thought impossible to achieve.
05.08.2013 14:21 Health
Israel on Monday launches a mass campaign in the south of the country to vaccinate 200,000 children up to nine years old against polio.
27.03.2013 17:14 Health
Bill Gates said Tuesday that the world must commit to wiping out the remaining cases of polio and finally eradicate the disease despite squeezed aid budgets and violence plaguing vaccination efforts.
01.03.2013 15:31 Health
The head of the World Health Organization's polio drive said Friday it was crucial to push on with the fight to eradicate the disease despite a rising death toll among vaccination workers.
21.04.2011 10:33 Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan completed immunization of children against poliomyelitis. It was done because of the outbreak in Tajikistan and Russia in 2010.