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07.06.2016 16:52 Politics
Residents of a border district in China's mostly Muslim region of Xinjiang must now provide DNA samples when applying for passports.
18.06.2015 12:59 Politics
The US Embassy in Kazakhstan has suspended visa issuance.
19.03.2014 17:09 Politics
The Interior Ministry of Kazakhstan denies that the blank Kazakhstan passports seizing from two Chinese nationals was obtained illegally.
19.03.2014 16:04 Crime
Nearly 300 blank Kazakhstan passports have been seized from two Chinese nationals at the border in Almaty airport.
28.12.2013 17:14 People
Alma Shalabayeva, the wife of Kazakhstan's fugitive banker Mukhtar Ablyazov, and her daughter Alua have left Kazakhstan for Italy.
24.12.2013 16:34 Crime
Alma Shalabayeva, the wife of Kazakhstan's fugitive banker Mukhtar Ablyazov, is no longer under recognizance not to leave Kazakhstan.
28.11.2013 15:50 Crime
Ablyazov’s wife Alma Shalabayeva has applied to the Kazakhstan authorities asking for a permission to travel abroad, but was waved off for not providing a substantiation for the request.
15.11.2013 01:48 Crime
Rakhat Aliyev won't be able to get a Maltese passport even through the Individual Investor Program.
14.11.2013 12:10 Crime
Austrian authorities have cancelled Rakhat Aliyev’s passport.
09.07.2013 23:52 Crime
Former head of BTA Bank Mukhtar Ablyazov who fled Kazakhstan to avoid justice illegally obtained two Kyrgyzstan passports registered to another persons names.
03.06.2013 19:38 Crime
The wife of former BTA Bank chairman Mukhtar Ablyazov, Alma Shalabayeva, is now staying in Kazakhstan under the written pledge not to leave the country.
14.01.2013 15:19 Cinema, Music
French actor turned Russian national Gerard Depardieu on Sunday accused President Vladimir Putin's opposition of lacking vision and defended the Kremlin's treatment of the Pussy Riot protest punks.
24.11.2012 16:22 Politics
India is stamping its map on visas given to Chinese visitors, an Indian official said Saturday, after China began issuing passports showing disputed territories as its own.
25.05.2011 15:17 Kazakhstan
The passport of Ivan Cheryomukhin found at the blast site in Astana belongs to neither of the two men killed in the blast.
21.04.2011 17:38 Strange News
Certification of cattle started in Aktau to be followed by other pets certification.