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04.04.2016 14:58 Crime
A Panamanian shell company may have helped hide millions of dollars from the Brink's-Mat heist leaked tax documents allege.
03.03.2016 17:37 Companies
Emirates Airline, which was to launch what it called the world's longest non-stop flight this month, postponed those plans for a year.
21.06.2014 13:25 Health
The mosquito-born chikungunya virus is spreading into Central America, health authorities there say, after outbreaks in several Caribbean nations.
05.05.2014 11:39 Politics
Conservative Juan Carlos Varela, the vice president who broke politically with President Ricardo Martinelli, was officially declared Panama's next president.
03.05.2014 15:14 Finance
A widened Panama Canal is expected to bring in some $3.1 billion per year, considerably less than earlier estimates, the official responsible for the waterway told AFP.
07.03.2014 14:19 Politics
The Venezuelan government ordered Panama's ambassador and three other diplomats at the mission to leave the country within 48 hours.
20.02.2014 15:07 Industry, Infrastructure
Work to widen the Panama Canal will resume on Thursday, an official said, two weeks after the huge project was suspended over $1.6 billion in cost overruns.
12.02.2014 09:59 Industry, Infrastructure
Panama President Ricardo Martinelli on Monday blamed the Panama Canal's former administrator for the crisis surrounding its massive expansion project -- where work has been halted over a billion-dollar payment dispute.
03.01.2014 14:05 Politics
Panama's president warned Thursday he would visit Europe to force a consortium to drop a threat to suspend expansion work on the Panama Canal, as a row over a $1.6 billion cost overrun escalated.
19.10.2013 14:22 Politics
Many Latin American leaders were no-shows at the opening of the 23rd Ibero-American summit in Panama, revealing the foundering direction of the annual forum.
27.09.2013 17:05 Crime
The Panama Canal Authority announced Thursday that it slapped a $1 million fine on a North Korean cargo ship caught with an undeclared shipment of Cuban weapons in July.
09.08.2013 11:00 Military
A team of UN experts will head to Panama next week to inspect a North Korean ship impounded last month after the discovery of Cuban missile parts in its cargo.
22.07.2013 11:32 Military
Panamanian authorities have found two Soviet-era MiG-21 fighter jets aboard a North Korea-flagged ship seized this month as it tried to pass through the Panama Canal after departing from Cuba.
19.07.2013 13:57 Military
UN sanctions experts will go to Panama soon to investigate a North Korean ship that was intercepted carrying weapons.
17.07.2013 15:53 Politics
Panama called for UN inspections of missile parts found aboard a North Korea-flagged vessel as it approached the Panama Canal, weapons Cuba later claimed as its own.
11.07.2013 19:06 Health
Despite public health campaigns, smoking remains the leading avoidable cause of death worldwide, killing almost six million people a year, mostly in low- and middle-income countries.
14.05.2013 14:30 Strange News
With jaws of steel that have earned him the nickname "Coconut Peeler," Andres Gardin, at the tender age of 64, is hell-bent on gnawing his way into the Guinness Book of World Records.
08.05.2013 18:15 Politics
Up against the wall in a drought-sparked energy crisis, Panama said Tuesday it would shut high schools and universities for three days, in a desperate bid to reduce power usage.
06.10.2012 10:50 Industry, Infrastructure
Spain's Crown Prince Felipe de Borbon on Thursday visited major construction projects in economically-booming Panama on a trip to highlight Spanish investment in the region.