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18.04.2015 10:32 Politics
Finnish Finance Minister said that Finnish telecom equipment maker Nokia's takeover of rival Alcatel-Lucent will put more jobs at risk in Finland than in France.
14.03.2014 18:02 Industry, Infrastructure
The European Union took another step towards the mandatory introduction of a common mobile phone charger, which could power-up all makes of handsets.
10.12.2013 17:15 Companies
Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia faces a tax bill of more than 210 billion rupees ($3.4 billion) in India from liabilities arising out of unpaid charges and penalties since 2006, a report said Tuesday.
04.09.2013 15:43 Companies
Microsoft agreed Tuesday to buy the handset business of former market leader Nokia in an effort to catch up to rivals Apple and Google in the fierce smartphone market.
03.09.2013 12:34 Companies
Beleaguered Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia will sell its mobile phone unit to US group Microsoft for 5.44 billion euros ($7.17 billion).
23.08.2013 17:09 Companies
Finnish telecom giant Nokia has told India's government that the country is now its "least favourable market" to operate in and it makes better sense to export its products from China.
09.03.2013 18:31 Companies
Taiwan's top smartphone maker HTC said Saturday a German court had dismissed two patent infringement complaints brought against the company by Finnish phone giant Nokia.
06.09.2012 12:31 Gadgets
Google and Microsoft have introduced new champions in the fiercely competitive smartphone arena a week ahead of what is likely to be the hotly-anticipated debut of a next-generation iPhone by Apple.
19.09.2011 18:20 Education
Kazakhstan residents will be able to learn the Kazakh language by installing a new application on their Nokia mobile phones.