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17.04.2015 15:57 Companies
The world's top packaged food maker Nestle posted better-than-expected growth in the first quarter despite currency exchange rates that hampered sales.
07.06.2013 17:53 Markets
Canadian authorities charged Nestle, Mars and a network of independent wholesale distributors on Thursday over an alleged criminal conspiracy to fix the prices of leading chocolate bars.
20.02.2013 17:40 Companies
The world's biggest food company, Swiss-based Nestle, and the world's top beef producer, JBS of Brazil, were Tuesday the latest in a long list of firms to be caught up in Europe's spiralling horsemeat scandal.
19.02.2013 11:11 Companies
Swiss food giant Nestle has become the latest retailer hit by Europe's horsemeat scandal, announcing it is removing pasta meals from supermarket shelves in Italy and Spain due to contamination.