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12.08.2015 10:39 Unrest
Nepali politicians including Prime Minister Sushil Koirala appealed for calm as hundreds protested against a new constitution for a second day.
11.08.2015 14:40 People
Nepal issued its first transgender passport Monday in a move which rights groups hailed as a breakthrough.
31.05.2015 03:40 Politics
Kazakhstan will render a humanitarian aid amounting to $200.000 to Nepal that was recently hit by a powerful earthquake.
08.05.2015 19:08 People
A woman from Kazakhstan was in the capital of Nepal, when the earthquake hit the country. She survived.
05.05.2015 20:21 Finance
Recommendations that may bring good results in Nepal: Rethinking monetary policy in order to take into consideration the growing economic relation with China, pushing for a Roosevelt infrastructure plan, developing the hydro energy sector.
04.05.2015 18:42 Politics
Kazakhstan will render assistance to Nepal.
30.04.2015 11:22 Disasters
Desperate survivors of an earthquake that killed more than 5,000 people clashed with riot police in Nepal's capital.
28.04.2015 10:41 Disasters
Facebook was rolling out a donation button for contributions to victims of the massive earthquake in Nepal, and offered to match up to $2 million.
27.04.2015 19:57 Politics
The UN food agency said Monday it was preparing a large-scale aid operation to earthquake-ravaged Nepal, with a first plane set to arrive.
25.04.2015 15:14 Disasters
A powerful 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, causing massive damage in the capital Kathmandu with strong tremors felt across neighbouring countries.
17.03.2015 15:53 National cooking
A chewy cheese made by generations of yak herders in Nepal has become an unexpected hit overseas.
24.09.2014 15:24 People
Doctors have given a clean bill of health to Nepal's Prime Minister Sushil Koirala, following successful radiotherapy for lung cancer.
18.08.2014 12:49 Disasters
The death toll from from landslides and flooding in Nepal has risen to 101 after rescuers recovered four more bodies.
30.07.2014 10:03 Environment
Efforts to save the tiger are being undermined by a lack of information about how many of the endangered cats live in the wild, the conservation group WWF said.
26.06.2014 15:02 Politics
US doctors treating Nepalese Prime Minister Sushil Koirala have ruled out lung cancer and diagnosed the 75-year-old with tuberculosis, a spokesman for the premier's Nepali Congress party said.
07.06.2014 13:22 People
Kazakhstani Asel Rysmendieva, 24, has been nominated for the annual Hermann Gmeiner award that was named after Austrian philanthropist and SOS Children’s village founder.
22.04.2014 10:16 Entertainment, Style
Distraught Nepalese guides and climbers cancelled expeditions on Mount Everest Monday after at least 13 colleagues died in an avalanche, as anger mounted at poor payments for sherpas who take huge risks on the world's highest peak.
17.02.2014 12:58 Emergencies
Nepalese police discovered the wreckage of a plane carrying 18 people that had gone missing one day earlier in the country's mountainous west, but no survivors have been found.
05.01.2014 14:08 Laws, Initiatives
Nepal's top court has rejected a demand by ultra-leftists that an amnesty be granted to people who committed serious rights abuses during the country's civil war, an official said Saturday.
22.11.2013 15:42 Environment
A foundation set up by actor Leonardo DiCaprio pitched in $3 million Thursday to save tigers in Nepal, whose plan to double the big cats' population has shown success.
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