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15.10.2014 15:33 Politics
Mozambique heads to the polls a tough test for Frelimo, the party that has ruled the resource-rich country since independence in 1975.
20.02.2014 09:59 Health
Gains in fighting malaria in sub-Saharan Africa have left the highest risk for the disease concentrated in 10 countries.
22.12.2013 14:18 Emergencies
A Mozambican Airlines captain had a "clear intention" to crash an airplane that went down in Namibia killing 33 at the end of November, according to a preliminary investigation reported Saturday.
30.11.2013 16:23 Emergencies
A Mozambican Airlines plane that went missing with 34 people on board likely crashed over inhospitable bush in northeastern Namibia, police said early Saturday as they searched for the jet.
25.04.2013 12:11 Environment
Mozambique's elephant population risks being obliterated within a decade unless tight anti-poaching measures are introduced, conservationists have warned.
21.02.2013 10:51 Science, Technologies
As Mozambique struggles to recover from the worst flooding in more than a decade, aid agencies are pioneering the use of mobile phones to distribute aid and, they hope, cut the cost of logistics in disaster zones.