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05.11.2015 14:07 Companies
Moody's hit embattled German automaker Volkswagen with a credit downgrade, saying the company's reputation and earnings were at risk from the growing emissions cheating scandal.
19.09.2015 15:16 Finance
Moody's cut France's sovereign debt rating one notch to Aa2, saying the country will struggle with slow growth and a high debt burden for the next five years.
25.02.2015 15:10 Companies
International ratings agency Moody's said it had downgraded all ratings for scandal-plagued Brazilian oil giant Petrobras.
21.02.2015 14:23 Finance
Moody's cut Russia's debt rating by one notch into 'junk' territory, saying the Ukraine crisis and the fall in oil prices and the ruble will further undermine Russia's economy.
11.02.2015 13:42 Markets
Low oil prices normally help grease the wheels of business and spur global economic growth, but Moody's said it would not revise its forecasts for the G20,.
07.02.2015 13:23 Finance
Moody's placed Greece's credit rating on review for a downgrade Friday, citing "high uncertainty" about the country's talks with creditors.
17.01.2015 13:02 Finance
Moody's cut Russia's credit rating to one step above junk level Friday and warned the country was under review for a further downgrade.
26.06.2013 09:36 Finance
According to the rating agency, GDP can be maintained at 5% in 2014, with the growth depending on the giant Kashagan oilfield expected to start commercial production later this year.
26.06.2013 08:19 Finance
The banking system outlook remains negative, experts believe, assigning the problem “to the high share of NPLs and weakened lending growth.
19.06.2013 17:54 Finance
International rating agency Moody’s has confirmed Astana’s investment rating at the level of Baa3 with Stable outlook.
23.02.2013 11:34 Finance
Moody's stripped Britain of its triple-A debt rating Friday, saying government debt was still mounting and that growth was too weak to reverse the trend before 2016.
21.11.2012 10:52 Finance
France came under fresh economic pressure as the international ratings agency Moody's cut the French government bond rating by one notch from the highest level to "Aa1".
20.11.2012 14:59 Finance
Rating agency Moody's warned Monday that Italy's banks face worsening conditions over the coming year with asset quality declining, low profitability, and poor access to markets for funds.
04.09.2012 18:01 Finance
Moody's on Monday lowered the European Union's long-term issuer rating outlook from stable to negative, saying the move reflected credit risks of the bloc's key budget contributors.
01.09.2012 10:30 Finance
Moody's said Thursday that it would hold its review of Spain's credit rating until late September as it waits for more clarity on the European Stability Mechanism and moves for a eurozone banking union.
28.08.2012 13:32 Finance
Ratings agency Moody's Investors Service Monday upgraded South Korea's sovereign credit rating, citing strong fiscal fundamentals and resilience to external economic shocks.
24.07.2012 18:30 Finance
Moody's took the first step toward stripping Germany of its coveted AAA credit rating on Monday, cutting the outlook for Europe's largest and most pivotal economy to "negative."
13.07.2012 15:22 Finance
The euro was under fresh selling pressure to fall below $1.22 in Asia trade on Friday after ratings agency Moody's on Friday downgraded Italy's government bond rating.
12.06.2012 13:20 Finance
Moody’s International rating agency assigned Astana a positive issuer rating of Baa3 with stable outlook.
30.12.2011 14:01 Finance
Moody’s will upgrade the credit rating of Kazakhstan if it improves diversification of the economy and enhance its banking regulation.