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25.09.2015 11:00 Unrest
Sirens wailed and helicopters hovered overhead as dozens of ambulances brought in victim after victim from a stampede that killed more than 700 in the holy Saudi valley of Mina.
14.09.2015 11:26 Emergencies
The deadly collapse of a construction crane in Saudi Arabia's holy city of Mecca has highlighted the controversial pace of high-end urban development in the birthplace of Islam.
12.09.2015 16:09 Emergencies
At least 107 people died when a massive construction crane crashed into Mecca's Grand Mosque, with scores more injured, Saudi authorities said, days before the annual hajj pilgrimage.
30.10.2012 16:55 Religion
Kazakhstan received a Hajj quota for 5.5 thousand people this year.
12.10.2012 11:34 Religion
5,000 hajj quotas have been allocated to Kazakhstan this year, Spiritual Management of Muslims press-secretary Agabek Sydykov said.
14.08.2012 13:19 Politics
Kazakhstan delegation led by Foreign Minister will take part in the 4th emergency summit of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation.
19.10.2011 19:01 Religion
Hajj-package for pilgrimage to Mecca will cost $3,700 in 2011, which is $300 more expensive than last year.