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12.09.2015 10:16 Crime
Human rights lawyer Amal Clooney downplayed her actor husband George's fears for her safety, after he voiced his concern on a US talk show following an attack on one of her co-counsel in the Maldives.
09.09.2015 11:50 Crime
Human rights lawyer Amal Clooney spent hours in a high security prison island in the Maldives consulting with former president Mohamed Nasheed.
15.09.2014 13:30 Politics
China's Presidentnwas in the Maldives beginning a three-nation tour of South Asia with a historic visit to an island paradise gaining a new reputation.
22.05.2014 12:55 Crime
A 16-year-old boy has been charged with murder over a fatal stabbing in the Maldives, becoming the first minor to be accused of a capital offence since the death penalty was reintroduced, officials said.
16.11.2013 17:49 Politics
The Maldives on Saturday voted in a run-off presidential election held under intense international pressure to elect a new leader and end months of political unrest.
21.10.2013 14:09 Politics
UN leader Ban Ki-moon on Monday joined international opposition to the cancellation of a presidential election in the Maldives that has heightened tensions in the Indian Ocean nation.
29.09.2013 22:44 Industry, Infrastructure
The travellers pouring off flight LV199 from Shanghai into the international airport of the Maldives, many dressed in designer labels, are an unmissable sign of China's interest in the far-flung archipelago.
07.02.2013 10:01 Politics
The Maldives is to hold presidential polls on September 7, the first since the archipelago's first democratically elected leader was toppled in what he called a coup.
08.12.2012 16:26 Industry, Infrastructure
The Maldivian government on Saturday described as "seamless" the retaking of the country's international airport from an Indian developer following a bitter row that triggered a spat with its neighbour.
05.12.2012 11:16 Industry, Infrastructure
India warned its neighbour the Maldives on Monday that it might freeze annual aid worth $25 million amid anger over an attempt to kick out the Indian firm managing the main airport in the country.
04.12.2012 13:58 Politics
The Maldivian parliament Monday voted to hold a secret vote on a no-confidence motion against President Mohamed Waheed in a move that threatens the leader who took charge during turmoil less than a year ago.
09.10.2012 10:24 Politics
Maldivian police on Monday arrested the country's first democratically-elected president Mohamed Nasheed after he again failed to turn up for the start of a trial for abuse of power.
02.10.2012 11:09 Crime
An unidentified attacker stabbed and killed a Maldivian ruling party legislator Tuesday in the first assassination of a lawmaker in the Indian Ocean archipelago.