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23.11.2016 11:22 Companies
Out of its roughly 3,000 scheduled flights, 876 would be cancelled due to the strike, "affecting some 100,000 passengers".
07.09.2012 17:57 Unrest
A 24-hour strike called by Lufthansa cabin crew at German airports got under way Friday, the company said -- the latest in a series of work stoppages in a dispute over pay and conditions.
07.09.2012 10:02 Unrest
German flag-carrier Lufthansa said it would cancel two-thirds of its Friday flights after a cabin crew union announced a 24-hour stoppage at six major airports.
05.09.2012 12:15 Companies
German flag carrier Lufthansa on Tuesday cancelled over 200 flights at its Frankfurt hub, Europe's third busiest, as a union chief threatened to hit every German airport with a 24-hour strike on Friday.
31.08.2012 15:00 Companies
Cabin staff at German airline Lufthansa will stage walkouts in Frankfurt from 0300 GMT on Friday, their union said late Thursday.