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26.08.2015 13:47 Unrest
India and Pakistan aborted rare talks on their festering conflict in Kashmir this weekend under a cloud of recriminations.
13.09.2014 14:49 Disasters
More than 200,000 people remained stranded in Indian Kashmir even as flood waters receded, revealing the full extent of the horrific devastation.
10.09.2014 18:43 Emergencies
Anger mounted over the slow pace of rescue operations in Indian Kashmir.
08.09.2014 10:41 Disasters
Soldiers were battling Sunday to rescue thousands of people trapped by Indian Kashmir's worst flooding for half a century.
08.08.2014 12:30 People
The village of Chattah with around a dozen men and women claiming to be at least a century old.
16.10.2013 15:40 Cinema, Music
Being a hip hop artist in one of the most militarised and sensitive places on the planet is not easy, but MC Kash is determined to be heard from his home in the Himalayas.
20.06.2011 11:05 Politics
The conflict is a barrier, but India and Palistan have states their intents to join the SCO, memoranda were signed.