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09.03.2015 14:54 Companies
Kazkommertsbank is the largest private bank in Kazakhstan with a total market share of 24%.
27.10.2014 15:27 Companies
Mid-September Kazakhstan's KASE signed a framework agreement on strategic cooperation with BIST; the agreement lays foundations for a long-term partnership, including through reciprocal purchase of shares.
07.03.2014 13:19 Politics
A new President of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) has been appointed.
21.01.2014 15:38 Companies
Kazakhstan's billionaire Aleksandr Mashkevich has explained why ENRC chose to be delisted from the London Stock Exchange.
02.11.2013 00:32 Finance
Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) has become a member of World Federation of Exchanges (WFE).
06.02.2013 11:03 Finance
Although the number of issuers will decrease, there will be one powerful investor (…) the investment rules are expected to be liberalized: Kadyrzhan Damitov.
25.11.2011 10:42 Finance
The Stock Exchange has got the software to run the People's IPO: KASE president.