JPMorgan Chase

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29.08.2014 11:33 Crime
Investigators were digging to find who initiated and what was taken in an apparent hacker effort this month to penetrate the systems of US banks.
02.04.2014 13:40 Politics
Moscow on Wednesday threatened retaliatory action against US diplomats after US bank JP Morgan blocked a transfer of funds carried out by a Russian envoy.
23.01.2014 09:55 Finance
Relatives of top Chinese leaders including President Xi Jinping and former premier Wen Jiabao have used offshore tax havens to hide their wealth.
25.12.2013 11:08 Finance
Japan approved its biggest ever budget Tuesday, as an improving economy and a sales tax hike made room for more defence spending and the first step towards achieving a balanced budget.
16.11.2013 12:05 Finance
JPMorgan Chase said Friday it had reached a deal with 21 institutional investors to pay $4.5 billion for losses on mortgage securities it and Bear Stearns sold before the financial crisis.
27.10.2013 16:20 Companies
JPMorgan Chase will pay $5.1 billion to settle charges it overstated the quality of mortgages and mortgage-backed securities sold to Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.