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19.08.2015 11:03 Politics
A pro-Islamic State jihadist video has urged Turks to rise up against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, accusing him of being a traitor who has sided with the United States and Kurdish militants.
14.08.2015 18:40 Politics
According to the report of the Ministry of Islamic Endowments (Awqaf) of Egypt, the Islamic State group will start recruiting new members from Central Asia, where Kazakhstan is located, Caucasus region and Indonesia.
29.07.2015 15:27 Military
NATO strongly backed Turkey's fight against Islamic State militants in Syria at emergency talks.
24.01.2015 14:28 Politics
French President Francois Hollande urged business leaders gathered in Davos Friday to take action in the fight against extremism.
24.01.2015 11:11 Politics
US Secretary of State John Kerry set out his vision for the fight against Islamist violence in an impassioned speech in Davos.
23.01.2015 09:59 Politics
French philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy led calls at the United Nations to confront a global rise in anti-Semitism.
21.01.2015 14:06 Politics
Spain said it hopes Iran will join the global fight against Islamic extremism if Tehran reaches an agreement with world powers over its disputed nuclear programme.
19.01.2015 13:39 Politics
French far-right leader Marine Le Pen urged the government to denounce as "Islamists" the perpetrators of deadly Paris attacks.
12.01.2015 12:04 Politics
Member of the International Association for the Study of Terrorism presents findings of рук study into the roots of extremism in Kazakhstan.
03.12.2014 13:56 Politics
US Secretary of State John Kerry hosts the first high-level meeting of the 60-member coalition trying to crush the Islamic State militant group in Iraq and in Syria.
20.11.2014 17:41 Military
National Security Committee of Kazakhstan has announced that 300 Kazakhstan nationals joined the ranks of the Islamic State. Half of them are women.
18.11.2014 14:40 Crime
US President Barack Obama has ordered a review of how Washington can release American hostages.
18.11.2014 14:22 Crime
The parents of slain US aid worker Peter Kassig said Monday they would try to "forgive" Islamic State jihadists who beheaded their son.
18.11.2014 12:18 Politics
US Secretary of State John Kerry launched a withering critique of the Islamic State, blasting extremist brutality.
17.11.2014 13:51 Crime
US aid worker Peter Kassig's parents said they were "heartbroken" by the death of their son, after his beheading by Islamic State militants was shown in a video.
22.09.2014 13:14 Politics
Kazakhstan National Security Committee refutes the possibility of terrorists using the territory of Kazakhstan for transportation of nuclear weapons and hazardous materials.
09.09.2014 20:08 Politics
A Russian Military official has claimed the territories of Central Asian countries may be used by terrorists, such as those part of the Islamic State, to transport weapons of mass destruction.
30.07.2014 15:01 Unrest
The UN Security Council backed a Russian initiative to bar trade in oil with Islamists in Iraq and Syria.
26.07.2014 14:47 Unrest
A military court in Cameroon has handed down prison sentences of up to 20 years to 14 Boko Haram members, the country's state broadcaster Crtv reported.
21.07.2014 10:54 Unrest
Islamist-led militiamen have stepped up their assault on Libya's main airport, controlled by rival fighters, which the health ministry said Monday had left at least 47 dead in a week.
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