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21.04.2014 12:24 Auto
Leading automakers gathered in Beijing Sunday for China's biggest car show, expressing confidence in the world's largest car market even though lacklustre economic growth and environmental restrictions have generated uncertainty.
26.03.2014 11:17 Industry, Infrastructure
South Korea's largest carmaker Hyundai Motor said Wednesday it will sign a preliminary agreement to build a fourth plant in China, as it looks to expand in the world's biggest car market.
06.03.2014 15:45 Auto
Brew an espresso, watch a movie on a large screen, surf the Internet or simply sit and chat with friends?
19.02.2014 11:46 Industry, Infrastructure
A consortium of four major South Korean construction companies has won a $6.04 billion deal to build an oil refinery in Iraq.
20.01.2014 12:15 Industry, Infrastructure
South Korean shipbuilder Hyundai Heavy Industries has started construction on a Chinese order for the world's largest container ships.
18.11.2013 20:07 Politics
According to Deputy Minister of Industry and New Technologies Albert Rau, Kazakhstan should place its stakes on industry champions.
13.11.2013 13:07 Politics
Russian President Vladimir Putin was in South Korea Wednesday to push a pet project for a new major trading route linking Asia and Europe by rail that requires prying open North Korea.
03.10.2013 17:30 Auto
Hyundai Motor said Thursday it would stop putting cigarette lighter sockets in cars made for the domestic market in favour of a USB power point.
18.08.2013 11:53 Auto
General Motors and Hyundai both recalled large numbers of vehicles in the United States Friday.
15.03.2012 14:50 Auto
There will be no deficit of spare parts in Kazakhstan in relation to the distributors' intention to get listed in the customs registry of intellectual property.
15.03.2012 12:44 Auto
Toyota Motor Kazakhstan gives a 6-month delay for unofficial importers of Toyota and Lexus original spare parts to prevent spare part deficit.