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21.11.2014 14:31 Crime
A shaken Honduras buried its Miss World contestant and her sister, after the latter's boyfriend shot them in a jealous rage, according to police and media reports.
20.11.2014 16:04 Crime
Miss Honduras was fatally shot as she tried to escape her sister's jealous boyfriend.
19.11.2014 14:51 Crime
Officials arrested a suspect in the disappearance of the reigning Miss Honduras, Maria Jose Alvarado, whose sister's boyfriend is now being heldю
26.07.2014 12:04 Internet
President Barack Obama met Friday with three Central American leaders to try to get control of an humanitarian crisis triggered by a tide of child migrants crossing the southern US border.
23.07.2014 13:26 Crime
Canada announced the extradition of 20 Hungarians convicted in what authorities described as the largest human trafficking case in Canadian history, for forcing eastern European refugee claimants into slavery.
22.07.2014 14:08 Crime
A Honduran reporter who went missing over the weekend has been found dead, the 45th journalist killed in the Central American country since 2003, officials said.
17.07.2014 13:26 Politics
Honduras called for international efforts to fight organized crime to deter minors from leaving Central America to illegally enter the United States, where rights officials warned youths can face abuse.
05.07.2014 11:54 Emergencies
Rescuers freed three of 11 laborers trapped in a collapsed mine in southern Honduras, two days after the men became trapped.
19.02.2014 10:43 Crime
The murder rate in Honduras -- the world's highest at more than eight times the international average -- has actually gone down.
28.11.2013 10:32 Politics
The head of Honduras' electoral tribunal on Wednesday declared conservative Juan Orlando Hernandez the winner of the presidential poll, amid allegations of vote-rigging from the losing leftist candidate.
27.11.2013 13:47 Unrest
Hundreds of demonstrators blocked streets in the Honduras capital Tuesday in support of the leftist presidential candidate, who is claiming victory though authorities say the conservative won.
25.11.2013 10:07 Politics
Conservative Juan Orlando Hernandez was leading in Honduras's presidential vote Sunday, garnering 34.97 percent of the vote.
08.03.2013 20:17 Religion
Clergy sex abuse victims listed a "dirty dozen" potential papal candidates Wednesday and urged the Roman Catholic Church to "get serious" about protecting children, helping victims and exposing corruption.
08.01.2013 17:11 Politics
Honduran President Porfirio Lobo said Monday that a pre-Christmas party at the country's embassy in Colombia that included prostitutes was a "sad incident."
13.12.2012 18:33 Politics
The Honduran Congress fired four Supreme Court justices on Wednesday, raising fears of a new political crisis three years after a coup.
16.08.2012 11:11 Finance
Asian countries dominate a league table of economies most at risk from earthquakes, floods, storms and other natural hazards, according to research published on Wednesday.