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01.11.2015 15:08 Politics
A series of recently released emails by former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton contradict the official motive given for Michel Kazatchkine leaving his top post at The Global Fund to Fight AIDS in 2012.
24.10.2015 13:10 Politics
It's been a great week for Hillary Clinton.
16.10.2015 16:37 Politics
A longtime close aide to Hillary Clinton will testify behind closed doors before a controversial congressional committee probing a deadly 2012 attack on a US mission in Libya
01.10.2015 16:27 Politics
The State Department released a new batch of 6,300 pages of emails sent or received by Hillary Clinton when she served as top US diplomat and controversially used a private email account.
22.09.2015 13:54 Politics
Biotech stocks took a hit after Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton pledged to take action against runaway price increases on specialty drugs.
09.09.2015 14:46 Politics
Hillary Clinton apologized for using a private email server while secretary of state, calling the decision, which has dogged her Democratic presidential bid, a "mistake."
02.09.2015 15:12 Politics
She remains Democrats' best hope to retain the White House, but Hillary Clinton has failed to shake an unremitting email scandal that has dragged down her trustworthiness.
01.09.2015 15:04 Politics
Around 150 more of the emails that former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton kept on a private server have been retroactively deemed classified.
19.08.2015 13:48 Environment
Breaking with the president she hopes to succeed, Hillary Clinton expressed her opposition Tuesday to Arctic oil exploration.
12.08.2015 14:42 Politics
A thumb drive and a server containing copies of emails Hillary Clinton sent and received while US secretary of state will be handed over to the FBI.
04.08.2015 11:43 Politics
Joe Biden is reportedly considering entering the 2016 White House race, a longshot move to present him as a safety net for Democrats worried about a possible implosion by frontrunner Hillary Clinton.
14.07.2015 13:45 Politics
Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton promised Monday to raise incomes of hardworking Americans and rein in Wall Street excesses in the first major policy address of her 2016 campaign
13.07.2015 12:54 Politics
US Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton slammed Republicans for not responding "immediately" to halt Donald Trump's divisive comments on Mexican immigrants.
02.07.2015 14:14 Politics
Hillary Clinton announced she raised a record $45 million in the first quarter of her US presidential bid.
02.06.2015 10:47 Politics
Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton has been a US presidential candidate for seven weeks, but her campaign officially launches June 13 with a rally on a New York City island.
23.05.2015 12:22 Politics
The State Department released a first batch of emails by Hillary Clinton, giving an unprecedented glimpse into the work of the former top diplomat.
27.04.2015 13:08 Politics
Officials at the philanthropy founded by Bill and Hillary Clinton admitted that the organization has made financial disclosure "mistakes" and vowed to quickly correct the errors.
17.04.2015 12:46 Politics
US presidential contender Hillary Clinton will visit the key primary election state of New Hampshire early next week, after her first presidential election trip this week.
16.04.2015 14:13 Politics
Photographed, interviewed and increasingly prominent in her family's charitable empire, there is no more ardent cheerleader for her mother's bid for the presidency.
15.04.2015 15:35 Politics
Hillary Clinton's 1,000-mile road trip brought her to a small town in America's agricultural heartland for the first official stop.
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