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28.10.2014 13:25 Disasters
Smoldering lava from a slow-erupting volcano has reached within yards (several meters) of homes on Hawaii's Big Island, emergency officials said.
06.09.2014 13:38 Disasters
Hawaii's Big Island has declared a state of emergency as lava from an active volcano threatens nearby homes, which could be evacuated within days.
04.09.2014 13:24 Environment
A video capturing a dolphin entangled in a fishing line who approaches a group of divers for help has once again proved the animal’s high intelligence.
08.08.2014 14:42 Environment
Tourists and locals braced for double trouble in Hawaii on Thursday as a rare pair of hurricanes took aim at the holiday paradise.
22.04.2014 21:17 Strange News
A 16-year-old boy was lucky to be alive Monday after surviving a flight from California to Hawaii in the wheel well of an airplane, US media reported.
12.10.2013 11:11 Science, Technologies
Astronomers have autopsied a distant, broken apart planet and revealed signs of water and a rocky surface together for the first time, delighting scientists on the hunt for alien life.
10.10.2013 17:23 Science, Technologies
Astronomers said Wednesday they have found a lonely planet outside the solar system floating alone in space and not orbiting a star.
11.09.2013 10:27 Laws, Initiatives
Hawaii's governor on Monday called a special legislative assembly next month to debate a bill legalizing gay marriage, in what would make it the 14th US state to do so.
16.08.2013 13:50 Environment
A German woman had her right arm bitten off after being attacked by a shark while swimming in Hawaii.
26.03.2013 14:27 Politics
North Korea's military put its "strategic" rocket units on a war footing Tuesday, with a fresh threat to strike targets on the US mainland, Hawaii and Guam, as well as South Korea.