General Electric

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17.06.2014 15:15 Politics
Kazakhstan President had a meeting with Lorenzo Simonelli, CEO of General Electric Oil & Gas company.
25.02.2014 11:42 Companies
US industrial conglomerate General Electric said Monday it would boost spending on environmentally friendly energy research by $10 billion by 2020, including on fracking technologies and wind turbines.
22.05.2013 09:59 Companies
Kazakhstan’s capital city Astana is home to a facility producing GE Evolution locomotives.
19.03.2013 18:48 Industry, Infrastructure
The railroad sector will be fully covered with Kazakhstan-made trains, while Kazakhstan content in the production will reach 72 percent, Yermek Kizatov
20.10.2012 17:54 Finance
A reality blast of disappointing earnings from a clutch of US business heavyweights wiped out midweek gains Friday as US markets suffered another poor week.
13.06.2012 15:23 Industry, Infrastructure
Kazakhstan is planning to produce train cars, drilling equipment, locomotives electric locomotives and diesel engines.
23.05.2012 10:30 Companies
President Nazarbayev received Total and General Electric Transportation senior management in his residence.