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05.09.2016 16:41 People
40-person staff is exclusively composed of patients from local psychiatric institutions in Training Cafe in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
10.08.2016 16:19 Health
Vegan diets are considered as healthy and environmentally responsible, with benefits like weight loss, clear skin and increased energy.
11.05.2016 18:55 Crime
A tonne of man-made "jellyfish" has been seized by China's police, adding a new ingredient to the country's long recipe of fake foods.
11.05.2016 17:40 People
With hardship rising due to job cuts and inflation, Argentina has resorted to putting food in outdoor "social fridges" for the needy.
17.03.2016 15:31 People
Did you hear the one about the Irishwoman who taught the French how to cook?
13.11.2015 14:49 Health
Obesity in Kazakhstan is becoming a serious issue. Nutritionists and scientists urge Kazakhstanis to reconsider their nutrition philosophies
27.10.2015 13:12 Health
The UN's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) warned that processed meats like sausages and ham cause bowel cancer, and red meat "probably" does too.
23.09.2015 21:51 Politics
According to Nursultan Nazarbayev, Kazakhstan and Russia have a big advantage when it comes to food security.
21.09.2015 18:47 Entertainment, Style
Toi Kazan gourmet festival united foodies, book lovers and fans of ethnic music at the Alatau skiing biathlon complex in Almaty.
10.09.2015 14:40 Companies
Another fast-food job wouldn't seem like a great change, so Marisol was one of thousands around the country who lined up for an opening at a Chipotle restaurant.
09.09.2015 12:34 Companies
Chipotle, the burrito chain whose rocketing growth has fast-food giants like McDonald's reeling, is not slowing down: it plans to hire 4,000 new staff in one go on Wednesday.
04.09.2015 16:03 Companies
McDonald's in Japan said it was investigating an incident involving a customer who was injured by plastic shards found inside a drink, the latest in a string of food contamination scandals.
27.08.2015 10:49 Companies
In the name of global peace, Burger King proposed making the hybrid hamburger to its rival McDonald's, at least for one day, the United Nations-promoted International Day of Peace.
19.08.2015 10:19 Crime
Russian police said they had detained an "international criminal gang" that produced contraband cheese worth some $30 million using banned Western ingredients.
08.08.2015 13:44 Markets
The EU formally extended until next year a multi-million-euro aid package to help European fruit and vegetable growers hit by Russian sanctions over the Ukraine crisis.
07.08.2015 11:40 Markets
Russian officials steamrolled tonnes of cheese, fruit and vegetables, defying public outrage to begin a controversial drive to destroy Western food smuggled into the crisis-hit country.
06.08.2015 11:25 Unrest
Russians hit out against government plans to destroy hundreds of tonnes of Western food smuggled into the crisis-hit country.
03.08.2015 14:26 Entertainment, Style
Grabbing something hot and tasty on the move? You have the ancient Romans to thank. "Street food" was their invention, generally enjoyed with wine, gambling or even prostitutes.
30.07.2015 10:28 Markets
Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree ordering the destruction of Western food smuggled into the country in breach of an official embargo.
17.07.2015 16:47 Companies
Two McDonald’s fast food restaurants are opening in Astana soon.
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