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10.05.2014 10:58 Auto
US automakers Ford and Chrysler recalled on Friday hundreds of thousands of vehicles, most of them in North America, to fix faulty software and mechanical problems.
16.01.2014 12:36 Companies
Brash Fiat chief Sergio Marchionne was welcomed as a hero at the Detroit Auto Show this week after completing the takeover of US automaker Chrysler.
14.01.2014 15:06 Auto
General Motors' Chevrolet unit swept car and truck of the year honors but Ford's use of aluminum in its F150 sparked new debate on the first day of the Detroit auto show Monday.
04.01.2014 09:59 Companies
Shares in Fiat soared on Thursday after it announced it would take full control of Chrysler, with optimism for the historic deal's potential outweighing concerns over its cost.