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21.09.2016 17:00 Entertainment, Style
Milan fashion week kicked off on Wednesday with collections from Italian labels Grinko and Blugirl setting a youth-orientated tone.
12.05.2016 14:56 Entertainment, Style
Some like creams, others pop pills or buy padded panties. In Ivory Coast where "big is beautiful" bottom enhancers come in all shapes.
03.11.2015 00:43 Entertainment, Style
Kazakhstani designer Balnur Assanova (BALNUR) has presented her pret-a-porter Spring/Summer 2016 collection at the Moscow Fashion Week (MFW).
23.10.2015 12:31 Companies
Luxury fashion company Fendi unveiled its new headquarters in a long-abandoned, now renovated architectural folly created by the WWII fascist leader Benito Mussolini in Rome.
23.10.2015 12:19 Entertainment, Style
Raf Simons has quit as creative director at Christian Dior after more than three years, the fashion house said.
19.10.2015 15:08 Entertainment, Style
Sao Paulo kicked off the 40th edition of its Fashion Week featuring the winter 2016 collection of Brazilian designer Alexandre Herchcovitch.
14.10.2015 15:07 Entertainment, Style
Chanel's artistic director Karl Lagerfeld reckons founder Coco Chanel would have hated his work as an exhibition dedicated to the luxury fashion brand opened in London.
06.10.2015 14:57 Entertainment, Style
On the Paris catwalk, a reappearance of bandanas -- those paisley kerchiefs that were hot back in the 1970s, remember? -- proved the lesson that old can become trendy again if you just wait long enough.
03.10.2015 17:49 Entertainment, Style
Bucking the fashion show stereotype of tall, willowy models, Paris Fashion Week was treated to a parade of women of restricted growth sashaying along the runway to great public applause.
29.09.2015 11:52 Entertainment, Style
Giorgio Armani had three important things to say: yes, he can do colours other than grey and beige, no, he is going nowhere and no, he has not had a nose job.
22.09.2015 15:22 Entertainment, Style
British fashion heavyweight Burberry Prorsum summoned a biker spirit as it presented the Spring/Summer 2016 collection at London Fashion Week.
21.09.2015 12:18 Entertainment, Style
Cocktail dresses tied with karate belts set the tone at London Fashion Week as Georgian designer David Koma produced a sleek catwalk mashup of dance and martial arts.
19.09.2015 15:10 Entertainment, Style
Once the preserve of the rich and famous, New York high fashion is now more than ever entertainment for the world at large, with catwalk shows increasingly accessible and clothes instantly available.
16.09.2015 18:10 Entertainment, Style
Serena Williams put a brave face on her shock US Open defeat, unveiling her latest fashion collection in New York with Anna Wintour and rumored boyfriend Drake in the front row.
14.09.2015 11:50 Entertainment, Style
In just two short years, rising New York designer Rosie Assoulin has established her own label and won plaudits for sophisticated yet sensuous clothes that sacrifice nothing to comfort.
12.09.2015 13:12 Entertainment, Style
French giant Givenchy will be the main attraction at New York fashion week, with its bolt across the Atlantic after decades in Paris one of the most hotly anticipated events of the season.
25.08.2015 21:40 Entertainment, Style
Kazakhstani model, graphic designer and popular Instagramer Ayaulym Shalkar has presented her debut collection of minimalistic clothing.
09.07.2015 14:31 Entertainment, Style
Kazakhstani designer Ainur Turisbek has presented her collection at the 2015 Fashion Week in Monte Carlo
26.06.2015 12:00 Entertainment, Style
A model at a Rick Owens fashion show in Paris brandished a banner saying "Please Kill Angela Merkel - Not", prompting the designer to note he had nothing to do with the "act of protest."
15.06.2015 12:08 Entertainment, Style
The Alexander McQueen label took centre-stage at London's fashion week for men with a collection that drew heavily on tattoo art and nautical themes.
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